NACADA webinar recordings allow our members to bring the Voices of the Global Advising Community from around the world right to your campus for any-time viewing!  

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Student Populations

Viewers Say...

In the Spring, some of the advising centers in Wisconsin will be getting together for a full day webinar retreat.  WACADA has purchased many of the webinars and we will show one webinar in the morning and one in the afternoon with discussion, collaboration, and idea sharing.  Lunch will be together and one school will host.  I’m looking forward to this opportunity to work with advising offices at different campuses. -Melissa Lantta, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Over the past few years we’ve found that attendance at the live Webinars was about 5-10 participants so we decided to try something different. I was on a training subcommittee of our University Academic Advising Committee and we used a Webinar CD presentation as the content focus of a recent Spring Advising Summit. We feel it was a wonderful success with 77 attendees representing P&S advisors, a few faculty advisors, Admissions staff, Orientation program staff, study abroad, residence life, Registrar’s Office. Using the Webinar in this format allowed us to select a time and date that would facilitate attendance and to also design a small group discussion component as well. - Pat Walsh, Iowa State University