Responsibilities of the Advising Communities Division:

  1. To oversee the ACD Service Awards including coordinating guidelines, criteria, and nomination/selection processes;
  2. To promote the ACD Service Awards generally; and
  3. To review the guidelines, criteria, and nomination/selection processes regularly (every three years) and to recommend appropriate changes and improvements.

Responsibilities of individual Clusters:

  1. To review general criteria established for the ACD Service Awards and to determine, if appropriate, additional criteria specific to the Community (optional). (If additional criteria are determined, the NACADA Executive Office must be notified with sufficient time to include in award promotion.);
  2. To actively solicit nominations for this award;
  3. To create an award selection committee comprised of cluster’s members - one per member unit (former commission/interest groups). The cluster’s Steering Committee member should coordinate this committee, but does not necessarily need to serve as its chair; and
  4. To follow processes and procedures for selecting a candidate and granting the award as set by the ACD. This would include notifying the NACADA Executive Office of the Award recipient and working with the NACADA Executive Office to notify appropriate parties including the nominator, the award recipient, and commission members.

Responsibilities of the NACADA Executive Office:

  1. To assist the ACD and individual clusters in the processes and procedures associated with the ACD Service Award, including dissemination of information about these awards and award recipients; and
  2. To prepare notification and congratulatory letters, as well as award plaques for the award recipients.

Following is an approximate timeline for the ACD Service Awards:

  • February 15: Members of Award Selection Committee are selected from each cluster's membership and names are forwarded to the NACADA Executive Office.
  • February/March: Promotion and advertisement of ACD Service Award - request for nominations
  • April 1: Deadline for nominations due to the NACADA Executive Office
  • May 1: Final award decisions forwarded to NACADA Executive Office from Award Selection Committee.
  • May 31: Notification and public announcements of Award recipients
  • October: Presentation of ACD Service Award at the NACADA Annual Conference Global Awards Ceremony.

Please review the Submission Instructions before beginning a nomination.