"As a new advisor and faculty member at my institution, being awarded the NACADA Summer Institute Scholarship has made a monumental difference in how I view the advising process and my role as an advisor. Before attending the Institute, my understanding of the advising process reflected my own experiences receiving advising, as a college student twenty years ago. However, the NACADA Summer Institute quickly showed me that advising was no longer merely signing off on a class schedule form. Well planned and organized, the NACADA Institute offers an intense schedule of lectures, workshops, and group discussions that supports the learner in gaining confidence and understanding the many aspects of advising."

- Kara Becker, Henderson Community  College

Application deadline: May 1, 2023

Presented as a professional development experience to selected members who demonstrate involvement in national, regional, state, and/or local advising organizations and exhibit the potential for national leadership roles.  The scholarship covers the registration fee to the Summer Institute on Academic Advising.  The registration fee covers all program materials and several meals and special events during the Institute.  Individuals or their sponsoring institutions are responsible for travel and lodging costs as well as meals and incidental expenses not covered in the registration fee.


Submit a Nomination

  • be a current member at the time of scholarship application. 
  • demonstrate involvement in professional activities and institutional organizations (including NACADA).  This includes conferences attended, presentations, committees, commissions, etc.
  • Current elected or appointed officers and officials in NACADA are not eligible for the Summer Institute Scholarship
  • Previous Summer Institute scholarship recipients and previous Summer Institute participants are not eligible.

Because we believe there is considerable strength in diversity, the selection committee strongly encourages applications from groups under-represented in the Association and its leadership.

Application Components:
  1. Completed online application via the submission portal above.
  2. Resume/Vitae.  Please limit entries to material that pertains directly to academic advising, presenting relevant information from the nominee’s overall resume/vitae.
  3. Current Job Position Description or List of Job Responsibilities
  4. Professional Development Summary
    • List ALL professional activities and institutional organizations (including NACADA) in which you have participated.  Please include conferences attended, presentations, committees, commissions, etc.
  1. Summer Institute Participation

a.  List and describe the goals you hope to accomplish by participating in the Summer Institute.
b.  How will your participation in this institute help you grow as a professional?
c.  In what ways would you like to extend your involvement in NACADA?

  1. Letters of Recommendation. A required component of the application materials submitted for this award is two letters of recommendation from your institution’s officials, at least one of which must include a statement of financial support for your travel if you are awarded a scholarship. These letters must be on institutional letterhead and uploaded to the submission portal.