Outstanding Administrator Award Guidelines

Academic Advising Administrator —  Individuals who may provide direct academic advising services but whose primary responsibility is as an administrator or director of an academic advising program. Nominees must have a minimum of 3 years (calendar years) in advising administration with at least 50% of their duties dedicated to advising administration.

Outstanding Advising Award: Winners in all Outstanding Advising categories are honored at the Annual Conference with a recognition plaque, will receive a complimentary early bird member registration for the Annual Conference and a one-year membership in NACADA.  If winners cannot attend the Annual Conference Global Awards Ceremony (not mandatory), their plaque will be mailed to them. Outstanding Advising Award Certificate of Merit recipients will be recognized at the Global Awards Ceremony and mailed a framed certificate.


Submit a Nomination


  1. Any individual currently serving as an advising administrator and employed by a regionally accredited post-secondary institution may be nominated.  NACADA membership is not required but is highly encouraged.
  2. Current members of the Board of Directors and Council are not eligible for consideration for these advising awards. After the member's term is over, s/he can be nominated.
  3. Previous Outstanding Advising Administrator Award winners are not eligible. 
  4. Previous Certificates of Merit recipients are eligible only if a minimum of five years has elapsed since the certificate was awarded and the nomination contains substantial new information.
  5. Previous Outstanding New Advisor or Outstanding Advising Award winners or Certificate of Merit recipients may be considered for Outstanding Advising Administrator Awards or Certificates of Merit if a minimum of five years has passed since receiving the original award.
  6. Previous Regional award winners are eligible to apply for Global Awards, though the application cannot simply be duplicated, rather it must address the Global Award specifically.
  7. Nominees for the Outstanding Advising Administrator Award must have served as advising administrators for a minimum of three years (36 months) based on the calendar year calculated from the time of submission (April 2023). 
  8. Only one nominee per category from each institution will be considered.

The Selection Committee evaluates on the evidence of qualities and practices that distinguish the nominee as an outstanding advising administrator including: 

Strong interpersonal skills

Participation in a larger campus or higher education initiatives related to the efficacy of academic advising

Evidence of administering an academic advising program that supports NACADA’s Core Values

Ability to engage in, promote, and support advising grounded in sound theory, research, and educational practice

Evidence that the advising program reflects the standards of good practice in the CAS Standards and Guidelines for Academic Advising:

Participation in and support of advisor development programs

Testimony by colleagues of nominee's advising administration skills and/or performance

Evidence of student success rate, by an advisor or by department, within the purview of the advising administrator

Institutional recognition of nominee for outstanding advising or advising administration

Evidence of departmental growth and development, including successful initiatives, implementations, or enhancements, brought forth under the direction of the advising administrator

Evidence of successful collaboration with other academic or student support units on campus

Caring, helpful attitude toward students, direct reports, and other campus colleagues

Outstanding Advising Administrator Award Rubric

Submission Procedures:

Nominations must contain adequate factual or narrative material that describes the extent to which an individual meets the Outstanding Advising Administrator criteria. Include the following items and use objective data to support the nomination: 

  1. A completed Nomination Submission.
  2. A summary of the nominee's qualifications. Here, the nominator summarizes the extent to which the nominee meets the award criteria, citing letters of support, data, or other materials illustrative of exemplary performance as an advising administrator.
  3. Nominee resume or vitae.  Please limit to materials that directly pertain to academic advising and/or advising administration, presenting relevant information from the nominee's overall resume/vita.  Please include a current job position description or list of job responsibilities.
  4. A personal advising administration philosophy statement by the nominee.
    1. Resources for developing a personal advising philosophy
  5. Appendices that support the nominator’s summary (item 2), such as:
    1. Representative materials developed by the nominee such as evidence of training provided, handouts for advisors or faculty, program/service descriptions, and any other advising administration documentation created by the nominee that is further evidence of outstanding work.
    2. Letters of support from students, direct reports, campus colleagues, or supervisors.
    3. Other pertinent information from the nominator.
Appendices should be limited to not more than 40 pages.  - See more at: http://www.nacada.ksu.edu/Events-Programs/Awards/Association-Awards/Outstanding-Advising/Outstanding-Advising-Guidelines.aspx#sthash.AsuDgWAc.dpuf

Appendices should be limited to 40 pages. Please upload your appendices as one pdf even though the online system will allow you to submit more than one attachment. 

Appendices should be limited to not more than 40 pages.  - See more at: http://www.nacada.ksu.edu/Events-Programs/Awards/Association-Awards/Outstanding-Advising/Outstanding-Advising-Guidelines.aspx#sthash.AsuDgWAc.dpuf

*Nominations must include only original documentation prepared specifically for the NACADA Awards Program. Materials intended for other award programs will not be considered.