Leigh S. Shaffer Award

Presented annually recognizing an article submitted to either the NACADA Journal or NACADA Review which has contributed significantly to the scholarship of academic advising. This award is named for Leigh S. Shaffer, whose contributions as a scholar and co-editor of the NACADA Journal have shaped our understanding of the theoretical foundations and practice of academic advising.

Application deadline: May 1, 2023

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Plaque presented at the Annual Conference

Nomination Process:

A published article meeting the eligibility criteria may be nominated by any NACADA member. Self-nominations are not permitted. 

Eligibility & Criteria

Any original article published in a NACADA double-blind peer reviewed publication (currently the NACADA Journal and NACADA Review: Academic Advising Praxis and Perspectives publications) since the inception of the publication. The significance of the article to and the impact of the article on the field of advising are the primary criteria for this award. Significance and impact include, but are not limited to: 

  1.  Relevance to the overall field of academic advising or to one specific aspect of academic advising
  2.  Citation in subsequent publications
  3.  Citation in NACADA or other relevant conference presentations
  4.  Influence on the advancement of the field of academic advising 
  5.  Influence on the advancement of scholarship in the field of academic advising.

A published article meeting the eligibility criteria may be nominated by any current NACADA member.  However, self-nominations are not permitted. 

Selection Process:

The award selection committee will consist of no fewer than 5 and no more than 7 members of the editorial boards from the NACADA double-blind peer reviewed publications. Concerted effort will focus on a distribution of expertise areas among the membership of this committee (e.g., qualitative research, quantitative research, humanistic perspective, practitioner, etc.). The Selection Committee may annually amend the final rubric used for selection based on current trends, “hot” topics, and other timely factors in the field of academic advising.

Submission Procedures:
  1. A completed Nomination Submission
  2. Copy of the published article that meets the eligibility criteria (pdf)
  3. Statement of up to 350 words explaining the significance of the nominated original NACADA Journal or NACADA Review article and its impact on the field of advising.
Awards Rubric

Scoring rubric for Shaffer Award

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