NACADA Research Grant Recipients

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2020 Recipients

Claire W. Wiley & Jenny R. Mills, Belmont University The Undeclared Student Experience: Exploring the Impact of Librarian Advisors
Rebecca Hapes & Craig Coates, Texas A&M University  Impact of Academic Advising on Thriving within First-Year Students
Amanda Armstrong, Virginia Tech An Exploration of Advocacy Among Undergraduate Academic Advisors

2019 Recipients

John Zilviniskis, Binghamton University Measuring the Academic Advising Experience for Students with Disabilities
NikolNikola Grafnetterova, Rosa Banda, & Hilda Contreras Aguirre, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Dual Advising of Student-Athletes in STEM Fields
 Elizabeth Twiton, Wiona State University  Faculty Advisors' Development of Academic Advising Knowledge and Competencies

2018 Recipients

Quentin Alexander, Longwood University & Kathleen Sindt, John Hopkins University First-Generation Students of Color Perceptions of Academic Advising while Attending a Predominantly White Institution of Higher Education
Sarah Kyte & Regina Deil-Amen, University of Arizona More than a Number? Understanding the Impact of Data-Driven Tools on Advising Practice and Student Support
Junhow Wei, Penn State University Social Class Variation in Interactional Dynamics at Academic Advising Appointments
Patty  Witkowsky & Grant Clayton, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs Academic Advisor Perspectives and Educational Experiences of High Credit-Bearing Incoming First Year Students

2017 Recipients

Melissa Gavin, Kalyn Williams, & Amy Foley, University of Wisconsin-Platteville Online Academic Advising's Impact on Student Relationship Management
Fai R. Howard, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Undocumented Students in Higher Education: A Case Study Exploring Street-Level Bureaucracy in Academic Advising
Alicia Sepulveda & Matthew Birnbaum, University of Northern Colorado Roles and Responsibilities of Academic advising and Academic Coaching: Similarities, Differences, and Clarifications
David Nguyen, Ohio University Exploring How Faculty Advisors Advise Undergraduate Students about Graduate Education

2016 Recipients

Shirlene Augustine & Galeana Alston, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Advising Graduate Adult Learners at Historically Black Colleges and Universities: An Exploratory Study of Faculty Advisors' Experiences
Jenine Buchanan, University of Delaware Supervision in Academic Advising
Edna Martinez, California State University San Bernardino and Chinasa Elue, Kennesaw State University Exploring Academic Advising Policies and Practices at Baccalaureate Degree-Granting Community Colleges
Andrew Miller, Rachel Pickett, & Steve Gerner, Concordia University Wisconsin The Effects of Intervention Strategies on Psychosocial Predictors of Academic Success and Retention
Samuel Museus, Indiana University, Bloomington Analyzing How High Impact Academic Advising Shapes the Trajectories of Asian American and Pacific Islander College Students

2015 Recipients

Peter Spreitzer and Amy Treboni, The Ohio State University Motivating through Convenience: Lowering Barriers to Self-Regulated, Help-Seeking Behavior through Convenient Referrals for First-Year Students
Craig McGill, Florida International University  Leaders' Perception of the Professionalization of Academic Advising
Rupert RA Ward, University of Huddersfield, and
Gary M Rhodes, California State University at Dominguez Hills
 Transition & Retention In Practice: Going Overseas (TRIPGO)
Nicole Letawsky Schultz, University of Minnesota Athletic Identity, Acdaemic Motivation, and Role Conflict: Factors that Influence the Career Adaptability of Division I Student-Athletes

2014 Recipients

Amanda Bowsher, The University of Maryland Recruiting the ‘Best and Brightest’: Factors that Influence Academically-Talented Undergraduates’ Teaching-Related Career Decisions
Janice Stapley, Monmouth University An Examination of Academic Advice Seeking within an Emerging Adulthood Framework
Kiana Shiroma, The University of Hawaii Factors that Motivate Underserved High-Achieving Students of Color to Succeed in College
Joy Cox and Michael Cuyjet, University of Louisville Examining the Perceptions of Incoming Students to Determine Retention Factors at the University of the West Indies (UWI): Implications for Academic Advising

2013 Recipients

Jennifer Leach and Erika Patall, The University of Texas at Austin Examining the Effect of Advisor-Student Relationships on Academic Major Decision-Making
Joshua Morrison, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis An Exploratory Study of Compassion Fatigue and Compassion Satisfaction Among Academic Advisors
Terry Musser, The Pennsylvania State University Investigation of the Reasons for Lowered Performance of Male Undergraduate College Students: Why Are Men at Risk?
Yi (Leaf) Zhang, University of Texas at Arlington Cross-cultural Communication: Advising International Students in U.S. Community Colleges

2012 Recipients

Sharon Aiken-Wisniewski, Jason Barkemeyer, Anna Adams, and Josh Larson; University of Utah Describing the Occupation of Academic Advising
Anne Hoag, Serena Carpenter,  and August Grant; Pennsylvania State University Cultivation and Expectancy Value Influences on College Major Choice: A Study of Communication Undergraduates
Melissa Johnson, Cheryl Walther, and Kelly Bailey; University of Florida Exploring the phenomenon of honors advising: Perceptions of Advisors who Work with High-Achieving Students
Rey Junco, Lock Haven University The impact of student technology use and academic advising on academic outcomes
Helen Mulhern Halasz, University of South Carolina-Columbia Down but not out: Coping Resources of Highly Selective Majors in Forced Transition

2011 Recipients

Shane Barker, University of Arkansas Getting Connected…Again: A Phenomenological Study of Students Who Have 

Transitioned Between Advising Models

Aaron Carlstrom, Kansas State University

Career Advising Discussion Starter (CADS): Internal Consistency and Construct Validity Evidence
Yung-Hwa 'Anna' Chow, Washington State University Building Bridge Across Cultures: Understanding Higher Education in China and How it Impacts Academic Advising
Blake Mackesy, Wilkes University The Impact of Academic Advising on Career Decision Self-Efficacy, Affective Factors, and Achievement in First-Year, Undecided Students: A Comparison of Two Advising Models
Angela Mead, Appalachian State University First-generation College Students and Academic Advising: Words of Wisdom from Academic Advisors

2010 Recipients

Janine Allen and Cathleen Smith, Portland State University A Multi-Institutional Student of Academic Advising: Student and Advisor Perspectives, Advising Learning Outcomes, and Retention
Ryan Tomasiewicz, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Exploration of a Strengths-based University 101 Course with Undecided Students
Jobila Williams, College of William and Mary An Ethnographic Approach to Needs Assessment: The Role of Academic Advising in West African Higher Education

2009 Recipients

Judith Hughey and Rob Pettay, Kansas State University Motivational Interviewing, College Learning Effectiveness, Health Behaviors, Life Perspective, and Persistent Intention in College Students with Academic Issues.
Jamie Reynolds, Kent State University A Case Study Analysis of Reinstated Students' Needs and Experiences in the Learning to Establish Academic Priorities (LEAP) Reinstatement Intervention Program

2008 Recipients

Anne Herron. LeMoyne College Embedding Advising in the First-Year Seminar: Perceptions of Millennial Students and Advisors
Ute Knoch, University of Melbourne Advising Students of Diagnostic Writing Assessment Outcomes: A Comparison of Two Models
Lisa Merriweather Hunn, Ball State University Othermothering is the Missing Ingredient in the Recipe for Successful African Amercian Doctoral Student Mentoring?
Lisa Steinberg, The George Washington University Faculty Role in Managing the Acutely Distressed College Student

2007 Recipients

John Gerdes, Jr., University of South Carolina Improving Student Advisement by Considering Student and Course Profiles
Kathryn King, Michigan State University Academic Advising and the Underprepared Student: Understanding the Role of Academic Self-Concept and Sense of Belonging in Persistence
Samuel Museus, The Pennsylvania State University The Role of Academic Advising in Fostering Racial/Ethnic Minority Student Persistence: A Collective-Cross Case Study of High-Performing Institutions

2006 Recipients

Robert Abelman, Cleveland State University Charting the Verbiage of Vision: Student Outcome and Advising Guidelines in Vision and Mission Statements
Shaun Harper, The Pennsylvania State University Advising African American Male Undergraduates: A Cross-Institutional-Type Study of High Achievers 
Sarah Naylor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Understanding Graduate Student Constructs for Finding Meaning in the Advising Experience: A Qualitative Case Study of Incoming Master's of Social Work Students
Julie Traxler, Rutgers University Major Choosing Among South Asian American Women: Toward a New Theory of Advising

2005 Recipients

Peter J. Collier, Portland State University Improving First-Generation Low Income Student Retention in Higher Education: Examining the persistence of Role-Mastery based Advising and Telementoring Intervention Effect
Victoria McGillin, Texas Woman's University A Seven Year Follow-Up in the Role of Supportive Others, Self-Esteem and Self Efficacy in Student Academic Success' Risk and Resilience
Matthew Morano, University of Connecticut How Students Choose a Major: Does Emotion Play a Part in the Decision Making Process

2004 Recipients

John E. 'Ned' Donnelly, University of Cincinnati Advising from the Podium: Can Curriculum Infusion Enhance Academic Advising?
Theresa K. Musser, Pennsylvania State University A Case Study: Examining an Academic Advising System at a Large Institution Using Systems Theory Construct

2003 Recipients

Gloria Gammell, East Tennessee State University The Transition to College Experience for Appalachian First-Time Freshmen
Karen Mottarella and Barbara Fritzsche, University of Central Florida The Nature of the Academic Advising Relationship: Core Relational Elements Produce Student Satisfaction

2002 Recipients

Carla E. Warner and Ramona Milhorn Williams, East Tennessee State University An Analysis of Pre-Enrollment Advisement on the Retention of Community College Transfer Students

2001 Recipient

 Carmen Loften, Regis University Designing Advising Services for Diverse Populations


2000 Recipients

 Rich Robbins, Washburn University The Implementation of Behavioral Contracts and Other Interventions in Response to Washburn University's Conditional Admissions Program
 Gail Zimmerman, Dartmouth College A Study of the Organizational Factors Influencing Access of Students with Psychiatric Disabilities to Disability Support Services

1999 Recipients

Michelle Poynter, Kathy Johnson, John Kremer, Jane Williams and Bethany Neal Beliveau; Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Intrusive and Non-intrusive Advising: A Study on the Efficacy of Two Parallel Advising Tracks for Commuter Students Attending a Large, Urban Comprehensive University
Susan Campbell, Elizabeth Dostie and Colleen White; University of Southern Maine Understanding and Using Factors That Influence Student Persistence and Success in the Development of Advisor Training and Evaluation Programs

1998 Recipients

Clive Fullagar, Ronald Downey, Richard Fogg and Craig King; Kansas State University Graduate Student Advising as a Mentor-Protégé Relationship: Protégé and Mentor Contributions
Ada Demb, Ohio State University What do They Master? Perceived Benefits of Master's Thesis Research

1997 Recipient

Nancy Shields, University of Missouri-St. Louis Understanding the Place-bound Student: Correlates and Consequences of Being Place-bound

1996 Recipients

Allan Canfield, SUNY-Buffalo The Buffalo Student Environment Project: A Longitudinal and Comparative Study of Student Expectations, Social Relationships, Attitudes and Academic Performance
Crystal Cianfrini, University of Cailifornia-Los Angeles A Comparison of University Academic and Psychological Counselors: Burnout and its Relationship with Social Support, Coping and Job Satisfaction

1995 Recipients

Roberta Flaherty, Kansas State University Determining the Inter-rater Reliability of the Academic Advising Survey
Allan Canfield, SUNY-Buffalo The Buffalo Student Environment Project: A Longitudinal and Comparative Study of Student Expectations, Social Relationships, Attitudes and Academic Performance
Kimberly Van Wie, Purdue University Unready, Unable, Unwilling: An Instrument Development Study of the Antecedents of Educational and Vocational Indecision in Under-prepared College Students

1994 Recipients

Terrence Wong, Marquette University Doctoral Student Retention: Insight for Professor-Advisor
Karl Kelley, North Central College Advising At-Risk Students: Attributional Modeling, Performance and Esteem
Roger Strand, Old Dominion University Assessing Advisees' Constructive Development: The Relationships Among Meaning-Making Stage, Identity, Locus of Control, Choice of Major, and Study Habits
Claudette Garland Lands, Indiana University School of Nursing The Validity of and Utility of the College Student Inventory for Advising At-Risk Students
Faye Vowell, Emporia State University Calculating the Cost of Advising
Portia Weston, Greenville Technical College A Study to Determine the Impact on Intensive Advisor Training on: Retention, Student Satisfaction with Advising Services and Advisor Satisfaction with the Advising Role

1993 Recipients

Joanne Ingham, Adelphi University Learning Style and Academic Advising Effectiveness
Joanne Casale-Bonesteel, Regents College LASSI and Distance Education Advising
Virginia Gordon, Ohio State University Patterns of Student Persistence
James Levin, Pennsylvania State University The Relationship of Mathematics Attitude to Persistence and Success in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Programs
Mildred Dandridge, Russell Sage College The First Year Mentor Program: An Evaluation

1992 Recipients

Diane Strommer, University of Rhode Island University Colleges: A Survey of Advising and Enrollment Units
Jennie Talbot, University of Connecticut Evaluation Developmental Advising
Lee Ann Eschback, University of Scranton Career Planning and Advising for Freshmen
Deborah Kaye, University of North Florida Black/Native Transfer Student Differences

1991 Recipients

Elizabeth G. Creamer, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Assessing Innovation in Academic Advising
James Levin, Pennsylvania State University Attitudes Toward Mathematics and Their Relationship to Persistence and Success in College: Implications for Academic Advising
Deborah DiNoto, Florida State University Organizational Characteristics of Undergraduate Academic Advising Systems in Relation to the Structure of Academic Disciplines
Nancy Shields, University of Missouri-St. Louis Causal Attributions and Success Among Non-Traditional University Students
Betty Sanford, Michigan State University Application of Counseling Theory to Student Advising

1990 - No Grants Awarded

1989 Recipients

Kerry McCaig, Florida State University The Relationship of Self-Regulator Learning Processes and Academic Achievement of High Risk Students in Higher Education
Elisah Lewis, University of Miami The Philosophy, Organization, delivery, and Evaluation of Traditional & Computerized Academic Advising Systems in American Research Universities
Marian Glenn, Seton Hall University Training Academic Advisors Using Case Study Analysis
Sandra Kuchler, San Diego State University Re-Entry Woman
Susan Frost, Brenau College A Survey of Academic Advising Perceptions of College Freshmen
Margaret Brooks-Terry, Baldwin Wallace College Adult Student Retention: What are the Determining Factors?
James Levin, Pennsylvania State University Identification of Predictors of Persistence and Success in Baccalaureate Engineering--The Sophomore Year: Implications for Academic Advising
Nancy Gedney, University of Arizona Personality Correlates of Decidedness in the Choice of a Major Career Field

1988 Recipients

Greg Dickson, Washington State University  Developmental Advising Inventory

James Levin, Pennsylvania State University

Identification of Predictors of Persistence and Success in Baccalaureate Engineering--The Sophomore Year: Implications for Academic Advising

Michael Curran, Ohio State University

Ego-Identity Status of Undecided Students and Their Perceived Advising Needs

Gail Zeller, Kansas State University Reinstatement Profile 
Carol Lunney, Centre College Integrating the Academic, Residential, and Advising Environments
Carolyn Brewer, Eastern Washington University Training Model for Developmental Academic Advising