EAA Fellows

EAA Fellows function as the primary point of contact for faculty, administrators, and staff from cohort institutions who are working on the EAA process. EAA Fellows provide formal reviews and guidance throughout the process to support the development of an evidence-based set of institutionally prioritized recommendations for change, as well as support for plan implementation. 

Thank you to the Fellows who have worked diligently as critical guides for the Charter Cohort.
Tomarra Adams
                   Claflin University
Sean Bridgen                       University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire
Susan Campbell                   Johns Hopkins University
Susan Campbell                    University of Hawaii at Manoa
Susan Poch                           Frostburg University
Rich Robbins                         Wheaton College Massachusetts
Casey Self                              Florida International University
Kimberly Smith                      State University of New York at New Paltz
George Steele                         American Public University System
Kathy Stockwell                     College of the Mainland
Sharon Aiken-Wisniewski     University of Southern Maine
Dana Zahorik                          Wiregrass Georgia Technical College

Thank you to the Fellows who are currently serving as critical guides for the Urban Ecosystems Cohort.
Melinda Anderson
                     St. Petersburg College
Sharon Aiken-Wisniewski         Frank Phillips College
Joanne Damminger                    Lone Star College System
Tom Grites                                  Oakland University
Chrissy Jones                            Kalamazoo Valley Community College
Sara Koch                                   Western Michigan University
Vicki McGillin                             Wayne State University
Amelia Noel-Elkins                    University of Southern Florida
Charlie Nutt                                Houston Community College
Cynthia Pascal                           Henry Ford Community College
Casey Self                                  Florida International University
Kathy Stockwell                        Broward College