Advising LGBTQA+ Students

Picture of a group of people smiling walking down a streetThe Advising LGBTQA+ Students eTutorial focuses on helping advisors understand and meet the unique needs of students who identify with diverse sexual orientations and/or gender identities.

Upcoming Offering:

What you'll learn:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of identity development and the coming out process.
  • Reflect on their personal experiences of allyhood.
  • Begin to assess their campus’s level of inclusivity for LGBTQA+ students.
  • Become advocates for LGBTQA+ students on their campus

Who this is for:

  • Those looking for foundational knowledge on advising LGBTQA+ college students.
  • Those who want to strengthen their advising, advocacy, and allyhood for LGBTQA+ college students.

About this eTutorial:

LGBTQA+ students come to advisors with unique needs for support. This eTutorial provides a foundational overview so that advisors can raise their competency and awareness of related terminology, concepts, and identity-based issues. In addition to focusing on LGBTQA+ students, this eTutorial encourages participants to self-reflect on personal experiences with allyhood and assess the ways in which their campuses are inclusive/exclusive. Participants will complete this eTutorial with the knowledge needed to enhance their advising practice, including identity development and coming out, intersectionality and LGBTQA+ students of color, allyhood, and campus inclusivity.

eTutorial Details

Participants will complete in-depth readings, post replies to discussion boards, and complete quizzes and other assignments. Participants can work at their own pace within each week. There will be weekly assignments but no set time to be online. Participants will have the entire week to complete that week's content, which could be completed in several days or done during the week as their schedule allows. By offering this information in an online format, participants are provided a learning opportunity that can be accessed either in their own home or office, and at a time of day that works best for their schedules. Assignments, including discussion posts, quizzes, and readings will be required each week.

The eTutorial is 3.5 (3 1/2) weeks in length. Participants should expect to spend between four-eight hours per week completing the reading, posts, and assignments.

This eTutorial is structured in a manner that allows the participants to develop an international network through interaction with other members of their cohort through virtual chat rooms and discussion boards.

Moderators will be assigned to assist those taking the eTutorial by posing questions for discussion, sharing successful practices, and answering questions.


Each week will include an assessment component including questions covering material and participation in topical discussions.
Upon successful completion (70% or better within the eTutorial) of all 3.5 weeks, the participant will receive a certificate of completion suitable for framing.

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2023 Offerings:

  • November 1 - December 5

Registrations close on the Wednesday before the start of each eTutorial session.


This eTutorial requires the book Advising Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer College Students.

  • $225 for NACADA members -
    eTutorial only
  • $245 for NACADA member - 
    Book & eTutorial combo
  • $425 for non-members -
    eTutorial only
  • $445 for NACADA member -
    book & eTutorial combo

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November 2023 Registration

Registration is limited to 50 participants per monthly offering. Registrations close on the Wednesday before the start of each eTutorial session.

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