Student Research Awards

Application deadline: May 1, 2023

The Student Research Awards annually recognize research conducted during a Master’s, Ed.D., or Ph.D. program that significantly adds to the body of knowledge on academic advising. A check for $500.00 and a plaque may be awarded in each category at the Annual Conference in fall.

Categories: The Student Research Award may be awarded annually in two categories:

  1. Master’s Degree Level
  2. Doctoral Degree Level 

Submit a Nomination


  1. Any current NACADA member who is completing or has recently (within one year) completed research at either the Master’s level or at the Ed.D. or Ph.D. level that significantly adds to the body of knowledge on academic advising is eligible.
  • Previous winners of this award are not eligible.
  • Current members of the Board of Directors and Council are not eligible for consideration for this award.  After their term expires, s/he may then be eligible.
Nomination Components:
  1. A completed Application Submission.
  2. A draft of your student research proposal.  It may be in the format required by your institution for thesis and/or dissertation proposals, but it must include the following components:
  • Title
  • Abstract (200 words or less)
  • Statement of significance of study within the body of knowledge on advising
  • Definition of key terms
  • Statement of limitations of the study
  • Design of the study
  • Brief review of relevant literature
  • Preliminary or actual findings, including implications for advising practice
  • Schedule for completing the study (if not already completed)

               NOTE:  You do not need to submit your entire dissertation. Only relevant pages or chapters are necessary.

3.  Letter from your Graduate Program Advisor - a required component of the nomination materials submitted for this award is a signed support letter from your Graduate Program Advisor stating that this student research project is worthy of award consideration. This letter must be printed on institutional letterhead, signed by your Graduate Program Advisor, and uploaded with your application no later than the deadline