Tips for a Phone or Video Interview

Before the Interview

  • Review the General Interview Tips section - the basics till apply!
  • Determine ahead of time where you will take the interview.  A quiet place, free of distractions, sets the scene for success.
  • If you anticipate distractions where you live, ask around campus for an empty meeting room.

Additional Tips for a Phone Interview

  • Dress professionally.  Even though you will not be seen, this will help you get in the proper mindset and can help make you more confident.
  • Make sure you will have a good signal.  If possible, use a landline.  Although using a landline may limit your location options, there will be less risk of getting disconnected.
  • Have a glass of water handy.
  • Smile!  Even though it won't be seen, the act of smiling will infuse warmth into your voice.
  • Take notes to remember what you discussed.

Additional Tips for a Video Interview

  • Dress professionally; attire should be appropriate to the position for which you are interviewing.  
  • Make sure your surroundings reflect the way in which you want to be perceived. If you are interviewing from home, consider whether cleaning and/or decluttering may be needed.  Personal items should be removed from view.  If you share the space with others, make sure they are aware of your schedule and will not interrupt your interview.
  • Test your Internet connection, microphone, and volume.
  • If possible, conduct a practice video interview to raise your comfort level with this medium.
  • Maintain eye contact with the camera (not the screen).  Smile!
  • Close any other programs on your computer that may distract you; stay focused on the interviewer!
  • If any tech problems should occur, deal with them immediately; use the opportunity to demonstrate that you are a good problem solver!