What To Do If Difficulties Arise

General Tips to Keep in Mind if Unexpected Difficulties Arise

  • Do not let the situation dictate how you respond. Try to remain positive.
  • Write down what you consider to be the problem. Consider how you may address the issues in a professional manner.  Develop a plan of action.
  • Make a appointment to talk with your supervisor. Let him or her know that you are having trouble in the work environment and would like to find a way to address the problem professionally.
  • Look for advice from your previous mentors; ask for their professional opinion on how to handle the situation.
  • Try talking to friends and family outside your internship to get a better perspective of how to handle the experience and what can be taken away for future reference.
  • If you are unable to resolve the issues and feel you must leave, make your exit as graceful as possible.  Inform your supervisor and any other appropriate personnel in a timely fashion.
  • Find acceptance once you leave. Not everyone will have the dream internship, but learning from that experience and knowing what to look for in a future job can be just as valuable.