LISTSERV Digest Mode



To help minimize the number of e-mails you receive that are generated from LISTSERV lists, you might want to consider setting up each of your list subscriptions for the 'digest' mode. All you need to do is send an e-mail using only the following command in the body of the message, where ' listname ' is the list's ID (such as N-ADVADMIN for the Advising Administration Commission LISTSERV):

SET listname DIGEST

Leave the subject line blank. Be sure to delete any signature lines and/or turn off auto-inclusion of your signature file before sending the above command. (LISTSERV treats signature lines as commands and will send error messages saying 'unknown command'.)

Should you set the digest mode and then decide later that you prefer the original format and want to turn off the digest mode, follow the same procedures as outlined above, but include the following command in the e-mail body:

Set listname mail

Note: A downside to using the digest format is that, each time you reply to the list, all of the history that is there gets posted to the digest every time. It could make the digested e-mails too long to bother reading unless you can convince other subscribers to edit their e-mails to remove all of the history.