2016 Election Results



(1-year term, Oct 2016-2017)


Joanne Damminger
Joanne Damminger
Dana Zahorik
Vice President:
(1-year term, Oct 2016-2017)
Nathan Vickers
Board of Directors:
(3-year term, Oct 2016-2019)


Karen Archambault
Michael "Brody" Broshears
Kerry Kincanon

DIVISION REPRESENTATIVES (2-year term, October 2016-October 2018)

 Administrative Division Representative (elected)  Cecilia Olivares
 Regional Division Representative (elected)

 Nicole Kent

 Commission & Interest Group Division Representative (appointed)  Rebecca Cofer

REGION CHAIRS (2-year term, October 2016-October 2018)

Region 2 Chair Karen Lewis
Region 4 Chair Brad Blitz
Region 6 Chair Troy Schmidt
Region 8 Chair Kerry Thomas
Region 10 Chair Kelly Medley

COMMISSION CHAIRS (2-year term, October 2016-October 2018)

Advising Administration Chair Cornelius Gilbert
Advising High Achieving Students Chair Kristy Spear
Advising Students with Disabilities Chair Erika Velarde
Advising Transfer Students Chair Amber Kargol
Assessment of Advising Chair Meredith Dean
Distance Education Advising Chair Lindsey Byrd
Faculty Advising Chair Calley Stevens Taylor
LGBTQA Advising and Advocacy Chair Craig McGill
Multicultural Concerns Chair Claudine McLaren Turner
Peer Advising and Mentoring Chair Lisa Fleming
STEM Advising Chair Stephanie Kraft-Terry
Small Colleges and Universities Chair Wiona Porath
Undecided and Exploratory Students Chair Amy Treboni

COMMITTEE CHAIRS (2-year term, October 2016-October 2018)

Finance Committee Lisa Peck
Research Committee Sarah Champlin-Scharff
Global Initiatives Committee Oscar Van den Wijngaard