2024 Leadership Election Results

Board of Directors


  • Wendy Schindler Wendy Schindler

Vice President

  • Wiona Porath Wiona Porath

Board of Directors (3 Positions Available)

  • Tony Lazarowicz Tony Lazarowicz
  • Karen Lewis Karen Lewis
  • Barbara Smith Barbara Smith

Regional Division

Mid-Atlantic Region 2 Chair

  • Carrie Egnosak Carrie Egnosak

Southeast Region 4 Chair

  • Thomas Beckwith Thomas Beckwith

North Central Region 6 Chair

  • Kari Wilson Kari Wilson

Northwest Region 8 Chair

  • Thomas Shelly Thomas Shelly

Rocky Mountain Region 10 Chair

  • Allison Ewing Cooper Allison Ewing Cooper

Administrative Division

Global Initiatives Committee Chair

  • Rasha Tawfik Rasha Tawfik

Professional Development Committee Chair

  • Jennifer VanDeWoestyne Jennifer VanDeWoestyne

Research Committee Chair

  • Hilleary Himes Hilleary Himes

Advising Community Division

Advising Administration Community Chair

  • April Belback April Belback

Assessment of Advising Community Chair

  • Paul Higgerson Paul Higgerson

Canada Community Chair

  • Aysha Haq Aysha Haq

Distance Advising for Online Education Chair

  • Elizabeth Hobbs Elizabeth Hobbs

Faculty Advising Community Chair

  • Kalani Palmer Kalani Palmer

First Generation College Student Advising Community Chair

  • Zachary Desjardins Zachary Desjardins

Hispanic & Latine Student Success Chair

  • Michelle Gutierrez Michelle Gutierrez

Advising High Achieving Students Community Chair

  • Jill Geisler Wheeler Jill Geisler Wheeler

Small Colleges and Universities Community Chair

  • Lesley Clinard Lesley Clinard

Social Justice Community Chair

  • Trayle Kushan Trayle Kushan

STEM Advising Community Chair

  • Katherine Grover Katherine Grover

Advising Students with Disabilities Community Chair

  • Brandi Byers Brandi Byers

Students with Experience in the Foster Care System Community Chair

  • Kasandrea Sereno Kasandrea Sereno

Advising Transfer Students Community Chair

  • Beth Stuewe Beth Stuewe

Well-Being & Advisor Retention Community Chair

  • Rebecca Helms Rebecca Helms


Administrative Division Representative

  • Stephanie Morawo Stephanie Morawo

Advising Community Representative

  • Maggie Gilchrest Maggie Gilchrest

Regional Division Representative

  • Bri Harvie Bri Harvie