2017 Election Results

 (1-year term, October 2017-2018)

Amy Sannes

 Vice President:
 (1-year term, October 2017-2018)
Karen Archambault
 Board of Directors:
 (3-year term, October 2017-2020)

Erin Justyna
Brett McFarlane
Nancy Roadruck

DIVISION REPRESENTATIVES (term October 2017-October 2019)
 Administrative Division Representative (appointed)  Steven Viveiros
 Regional Division Representative (appointed)  Melinda Anderson
 Commission & Interest Group Division Representative (elected)  Kyle Ross
REGION CHAIRS (term October 2017-October 2019)
Region 1 Chair Melissa Jenkins
Region 3 Chair Jeff Elliott
Region 5 Chair Mark Vegter
Region 7 Chair Christina Bowles
Region 9 Chair Amber Dillon
COMMISSION CHAIRS (term October 2017-October 2019)
Advising Adult Learners Deanna Donaugh
Advising Business Majors  Stacy Outlaw
Advising Education Majors Dawn Knight
Advising Graduate and Professional Students Shelley Price-Williams
Advising Student Athletes Wesley Maas
Advising Training and Development Theresa Hitchcock
Global Engagement Jennifer Cornet-Carrillo
Liberal Arts Advisors Vicente Hernandez
Technology in Advising John Sauter
Theory and Philosophy of Advising Sean Bridgen
Two-Year Colleges Desiree Polk-Bland   
COMMITTEE CHAIRS (term October 2017-October 2019)
Award Committee Chair Alexander Kunkle
 Diversity Committee Chair Michelle Smith Ware
Sustainable Leadership Committee Chair Janet Spence