2020 Election Results

 (1-year term, October 2020-2021)

Cecilia Olivares
University of Missouri

 Vice President:
 (1-year term, October 2020-2021)

Megumi Makino-Kanehiro
University of Hawaii at Manoa

 Board of Directors:
 (3-year term, October 2020-2023)


Mehvash Ali
American University of Sharjah


Teri Farr
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign


Rebecca Hapes
Texas A&M University

DIVISION REPRESENTATIVES (2-year term, October 2020-October 2022)
Administrative Division

Wiona Porath
John Hopkins University

Advising Communities Division

Wendy Schindler
Northern Kentucky University
Regional Division

Christopher Kirchhof
University of Pittsburg
REGION CHAIRS (2-year term, October 2020-October 2022)
Region 2 Chair
Amber King
Delaware Technical Community College
Region 4 Chair
Sade Tramble
Kennesaw State University
Region 6 Chair
Katherine Mehrer
University of Mary
Region 8 Chair
Shea Ellingham
Mount Royal University
Region 10 Chair
Sarah Maddox
Colorado State University
ADVISING COMMUNITY CHAIRS (2-year term, October 2020-October 2022)    
Academic Coaching
Maggie Gilchrest
Texas Tech University
Advising Administration
Gregory Mason
Penn State University
Advising Students with Disabilities 
Autumn Grant
Wheaton College 
Advising Transfer Students
Jennifer Brown
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Assessment of Advising 
Isaiah Vance
Texas A&M University System- The Rellis Academic Alliance
Canada Advising 
Allison Scully
Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning
Distance Advising for Online Eduction 
Holli Fergus
American Public University System 
Faculty Advising 
Andrew Millin
Camden County College 
First Generation College Student
Quentin Alexander
Longwood University 
Health Professions Advising 

Amanda Freyaldenhoven

University of South Alabama

High Achieving Students
Kelly Briggs
Kansas State University
High School to College Advising 
Melissa Recknor
Surry Community College
LGBTQA Advising and Advocacy
Gerda Zinner
 University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Peer Advising and Mentoring 
Talia Hirsh
Simmons University 
 STEM Advising 
Julia Yang Bedell
Northern Kentucky University 
 Technology in Advising
Kasandrea Sereno
University of South Florida
Small Colleges and Universities  
Andrea Miller
Marymount University
 Undecided and Exploratory Students
Jennifer Jones
Fairmont State University 
Veterns, Military Students and Family Members Chair
Joshua Johnson
University of Central Florida
COMMITTEE CHAIRS (2-year term, October 2020-October 2022)    
Finance Committee
Chris Hutt

Global Initiatives 

Susan Corner
University of Victoria
Membership Recruitment and Retention 

Lindsey Byrd
Pensacola State College
Professional Development Committee
Barbara Smith
University of Texas at San Antonio
Research Committee
Kiana Shiroma
University of Hawaii at Manoa