Professional Development Committee


Mission: The Professional Development Committee (PDC)

  • reviews the professional development activities of the Association and recommends new initiatives.
  • identifies the professional development needs of the membership and recommends methods for addressing those needs.
  • works with the Regions and Advising Community Chairs in cultivating opportunities for professional development to both current and prospective audiences (Policy Number: AD – 09).

Function: The PDC works both independently and collaboratively with other NACADA entities to carry out its general mission, as described above, and to address specific needs identified by the Executive Office, the Administrative Division, and/or the Board of Directors.  For example, PDC members might work with entities such as the Webinar Advisory Board and the Publications Advisory Board to identify gaps in resources and publications. Or, they might work with entities such as the Summer/Winter Institutes Advisory Board and the Annual Conference Advisory Board to identify gaps in events and event curricula.

How to Get Involved

Those interested in learning more about the PDC's work and/or in becoming a member may wish to attend the committee's yearly on-site meeting at Annual Conference. The Committee Chair is also always willing to discuss the group's work with interested NACADA members. The expertise/skills needed by committee members will be determined by the group's current projects. Prospective committee members may be offered an opportunity to assist with the work of one of the current subcommittees to have a chance to experience the type of contribution and commitment that would be expected from them as a member. Those interested in assisting with the PDC's work and/or in becoming a member should review the "Professional Development Committee Member Roles & Responsibilities" document in the  Member Responsibilities module in the right-hand column of this page, and then contact the committee's Executive Office Liaison: Leigh Cunningham.

Committee Chair (2020-2022)

Barbara Smith.jpg

Barbara Smith
University of Texas-San Antonio




Barbara Smith, Chair (2020-2022) University of Texas-San Antonio, Region 7 (2018-2022)
Deb Dotterer, Immediate Past Chair (2018-2020), Michigan State University, Region 5 (2016-2022)
Gavin Farber, Temple University, Region 2, AT&D Advising Community Chair (2019-2021) (2019-2023)
Brantley "Banks" Blair, University of Lynchburg, Region 2, Incoming AT&D Advising Community Chair (2021-2023)
Madeline Goldman, Virginia Commonwealth University, Region 1 (2020-2022)
Karen Lewis, University of Maryland-College Park, Region 2 (2018-2022)
Jennifer Boardman, Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine, Region 2 (2021-2023)
Scott Byington, Central Carolina Community College, Region 3 (2019-2023)
Khristy Parham, Clemson University, Region 3 (2021-2023)
Amber Bollinger, University of Florida, Region 4 (2021-2023)
Jennifer McCaul, University of West Florida, Region 4 (2019-2023)
Leslie Ross, Georgia Institute of Technology, Region 4 (2021-2023)
Patti Griffin, Fort Hays State University, Region 7 (2021-2023)
Jackie Loden, University of Texas-San Antonio, Region 7 (2021-2023)
Stephanie Morawo, San Diego State University, Region 9 (2020-2022)
Darcy Gregg, Weber State University, Region 10 (2021-2023)
Leigh Cunningham, NACADA Executive Office Liaison

Subcommittees / Working Groups

Collaborative Web Event team: Amber Bollinger (lead), Stephanie Morawo, Madeline Goldman, Patti Griffin, Jennifer Boardman, Khristy Parham, Gavin Faber (also ACD Rep)

Survey team: Banks Blair (lead), Jackie Loden, Scott Byington, Darcy Gregg, Karen Lewis, Jennifer McCaul, Leslie Ross