Research Committee

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Mission: The NACADA Research Committee promotes the advancement of scholarly inquiry within the association and, working collaboratively with the NACADA Center for Research at Kansas State University, supports the consumption and production of a body of knowledge designed to advance the field and practice of academic advising.

Research Committee Key Tasks:

  • Solicit and review applications for NACADA Research Grants
  • Solicit and review applications for Research Awards
  • Review potential surveys for membership distribution
  • Plan and organize research opportunities at regional and annual conferences
  • Serve as initial point of contact for research mentoring opportunities
  • Collaborate with NACADA Center for Research to advance educational opportunities

Membership: The Research Committee is composed of current NACADA members who are skilled in a variety of research methodologies and approaches.  Each member brings a nuanced understanding of the field of academic advising in order to promote the conditions necessary to advance the body of knowledge within the field.  Commmittee members serve a two-year term and meet yearly at the NACADA annual conference.

How to Get Involved 

Those interested in learning more about the work of the Research Committee or in becoming a member may wish to attend the committee's yearly on-site meeting at the Annual Conference. The Committee Chair is also always willing to discuss the group's work with interested NACADA members. Prospective committee members may be offered an opportunity to assist with the work of one of the current subcommittees in order to experience the type of contribution and commitment that would be expected of them as a member.  Those interested in assisting with work of the Research Committee or in becoming a member should review the "Research Committee Member Roles & Responsibilities" document on the right-hand column of this page, and then contact the committee's Executive Office Liaison: Elisa Shaffer

Committee Chair (2020-2022)

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Kiana Shiroma
University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa






Kiana Shiroma, Incoming Chair (2020-2022) University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa (2016-2022), Region 9
Sarah Champlin-Scharff, Immediate Past Chair (2016-2018), Harvard University (2010-2022), Region 1
Susan Campbell, Northeastern University (2013-2023), Region 1
Steve Schaffling, Syracuse University (2019-2021), Region 1
Hilleary Himes, Penn State University (2017-2023), Region 2
Julie Traxler, Rutgers University (2020-2022), Region 2
Peter Hagen, Stockton University (2020-2022), Region 2
Twaina Harris, Claflin University (2017-2021), Region 3
Pamela Stephens, Fairmont State University (2020-2022), Region 3
Alicia Abney, Middle Tennessee State University (2021-2023), Region 3
Shantalea Johns, Wayne State University (2018-2022), Region 5
Shelley Price-Williams, University of Northern Iowa (2021-2023), Region 6
Drew Puroway, University of St Thomas (2014-2022), Region 6
Craig McGill, Kansas State University (2016-2022), Region 7
Kelly Briggs, Kansas State University (2020-2022), Region 7
Keegan Gormally, Western Oregon University (2020-2022), Region 8
Kristan Venegas, University of La Verne (2015-2022), Region 9
Marian Gabra, University of California-Los Angeles (2020-2022), Region 9
Keith Proctor, Brigham Young University (2018-2022), Region 10
Sharon Aiken-Wisniewski, University of Utah (2019-2023), Region 10
Julie Givans Voller, Phoenix College (2020-2022), Region 10
David Grey, UKAT (2016-2022), International
Kathryn Woods, UKAT, International, Ex Officio
Elisa Shaffer, NACADA Executive Office Liaison
Wendy Troxel, Director, NACADA Research Center (ad hoc)

Research-Related Information

Research Related Questions: The Research Committee seeks to help NACADA members complete their advising research. Address research related questions to the Committee's Research Registry listserv

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Sub-Committee Assignments

2021 Annual Conference Speaker: Kiana Shiroma (Chair), Shantalea Johns, & Kristan Venegas

2020-2021 Research Grant: Kiana Shiroma (Chair), Sharon Aiken-Wisniewski, Kelly Briggs, Susan Campbell, Sarah Champlin-Scharff, Keegan Gormally, David Grey, & Julie Traxler

2021 Research Awards (Student Research, Excellence in Scholarly Inquiry and Research Institute Scholarship): Kiana Shiroma (Chair), Sharon Aiken-Wisniewski, Kelly Briggs, Sarah Champlin-Scharff, Keegan Gormally, Shelley Price-WIlliams, & Julie Traxler

2021 Common Reading: Sarah Champlin-Scharff, Shantalea Johns, & Pamela Stephens

2021 Research Committee Reviewed/Approved Research Review: Kiana Shiroma (Chair), Hilleary Himes, Craig McGill, & Julie Traxler

Research Curriculum: Sarah Champlin-Scharff, David Grey, Shantalea Johns, Craig McGill, Keith Proctor, Kiana Shiroma, & Wendy Troxel

Research Grant Process Review: Kiana Shiroma (Chair), Sarah Champlin-Scharff, Hilleary Himes, Craig McGill, Keith Proctor, Drew Puroway, & Wendy Troxel

Research Canvas Community Development: Twaina Harris, Keith Proctor, & Wendy Troxel

Webpage Review: Marian Gabra (Chair), Twaina Harris, Alicia Abney, & Wendy Troxel

Research Module Curriculum Development: Kelly Briggs & Keegan Gormally (Co-Chairs), Craig McGill, & Keith Proctor