Administrative Division

The Administrative Division focuses on the administrative services of the Association itself such as conferences, institutes, publications, scholarship, and inclusive member experiences to ensure the advancement of the field of advising.

Division Representatives

  • Brandan Lowden
    Brandan Lowden 2022-2024 elected Pikes Peak State College
  • Alex Kunkle
    Alex Kunkle 2023-2025 appointed Nevada State Universtiy

Committee and Advisory Board Chairs

Working with members on Advisory Boards and Committees, chairs develop and refine the policies, procedures, and activities of their area of responsibility for the future health of the Association!

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  • Sally Garner
    Sally Garner Finance Committee Chair 2022-2024 University of Oregon
  • Amber King
    Amber King Global Awards Committee Chair 2023-2025 Delaware Technical Community College
  • Karen Sullivan-Vance Global Initiatives Committee Chair 2023-2024 Oregon State University
  • Amy Brock
    Amy Brock Inclusion & Engagement Committee Chair 2023-2025 Auburn University
  • erin donahoe-rankin
    erin donahoe-rankin Membership Recruitment & Retention Committee Chair 2023-2025 University of North Texas
  • Stephanie Morawo
    Stephanie Morawo Professional Development Committee Chair 2022-2024 San Diego State University
  • Keith Proctor
    Keith Proctor Research Committee Chair 2022-2024 Brigham Young University
  • Kathie Sindt
    Kathie Sindt Sustainable NACADA Leadership Committee Chair 2023-2025 Johns Hopkins University
  • Joanne Damminger
    Joanne Damminger AACSS Advisory Board Chair 2023-2025 Wilmington University
  • Kevin Thomas
    Kevin Thomas Administrators' Institute Advisory Board Chair 2023-2025 University of Central Arkansas
  • Jesse Poole
    Jesse Poole Annual Conference Advisory Board 2023-2025 Nevada State College
  • Isaiah Vance
    Isaiah Vance Assessment Institute Advisory Board Chair 2021-2023 Texas A&M University
  • Ahmad Sims
    Ahmad Sims DEI Education Advisory Board Chair 2022-2024
  • Jared Burton ELP Advisory Board Chair 2022-2024 Pima County Community College
  • Ling Gao LeBeau
    Ling Gao LeBeau Global Conference Advisory Board Chair 2022-2024 Syracuse University
  • Karen Archambault Publications Advisory Board Chair 2022-2024 Rowan College at Burlington County
  • Scott Byington
    Scott Byington Institute for Academic Advising Advisory Board Chair 2023-2025 Central Carolina Community College
  • Patricia MacMillan
    Patricia MacMillan Webinar Advisory Board Chair 2021-2024 Ontario Tech University

We extend a warm welcome to everyone who is professionally engaged in academic advising; helping students in higher education to realize their dreams and reach their full potential. Get involved in our global community, and benefit from the experience and insights of over 14,000 advising colleagues – and share yours with them!