Advising Communities Division Steering Committee

The Advising Communities Division (ACD) steering committee consists of two division representatives (one appointed, one elected); the Executive Office liaison to the ACD; and one member per cluster (selected by the division representatives to serve two-year, staggered terms). That one member representative per cluster is called a Cluster Rep.  All members of the steering committee must have completed at least one full term as a Chair. 

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Amber Kargol 
Iowa State 

Division Rep -
Elected ('19-'21)

Past Chair of Advising Community on Transfer Students and Past Cluster Rep

Areas of Expertise: steering committee formation, organizing online discussions, project management, delegation, transfer students
(515) 294-2553

Wendy Schindler
Northern Kentucky University

Division Rep - 
Appointed ('20-'22)

Past chair of LGBTQA Advising & Advocacy Community and Past Cluster Rep

Areas of Expertise: Steering committee leadership, running an effective business meeting, community engagement and communication, volunteer management, goal setting
(859) 572-5181

Tony Lazarowicz
University of Nebraska Lincoln

Committee Member
and Cluster 1 Rep

Past Chair of Advising Transfer Students Advising Community

Areas of expertise: Community/ Member engagement; Newsletter/Communication; Transfer Students; Succession Planning; Goal Setting; Resource Collection/ Organization
(402) 472-4190

Shelley Price-Williams
Northern Illinois University

Committee Member and Cluster 2 Rep ('19-'21)

Past Chair of Advising Graduate & Doctoral Students Advising Community

Areas of Expertise: Member Engagement, Organizational Development and Communication, Evaluation and Assessment, Strategic Planning
(618) 560-9731

Teresa Sypolt
Walden University

Committee Member and Cluster 3 Rep ('18-'20 & '20-'22)

Past Chair of Advising Adult Learners Community

Areas of Expertise: Online learning, academic coaching, goal setting, working with international students, social media groups; S.T.E.M., Business, Project Management, and Healthcare Management specializations/programs.
(443) 627-7284

Stephanie Kraft-Terry
University of Hawaii – Manoa

Committee Member and Cluster 4 Rep ('19-'21)

Past Chair of STEM Advising Community

Areas of Expertisesuccession planning, delegation, building connections within NACADA, STEM, advising administration
(808) 956-0735

Stacy Outlaw 
Elon University

Committee member and Cluster 5 Rep ('19-'21)

Former Chair of Advising Business Students Advising Community

Areas of expertise

John Sauter
Niagara University

Committee member and Cluster 6 Rep ('19-'21 & '21-'23)

Former Chair of Advising Technology Community

Areas of expertise
(716) 286-8062

Wiona Porath
Johns Hopkins University

Committee member and Cluster 7 Rep 

Former Chair of the Small Colleges & Universities Advising Community

Areas of expertise: Succession planning, business meeting planning, small colleges, facilitating connections, social media groups, historical archiving and document preservation
(410) 516-7065

Vince Hernandez 
Texas A&M University

Committee member and Cluster 8 Rep ('19-'21)

Former Chair of the Liberal Arts Advising Community
(979) 845-3127

Sarah Howard
The Ohio State University

Committee Member and Cluster 9 Rep ('20-'22)

Past Chair of Technology Advising Community

Areas of Expertise: Technology and social media, cross-collaboration, building relationships, connecting with NACADA, writing/publications for NACADA, writing and reviewing conference proposals


Lizbeth Alcantara
Executive Office Liaison

Assignment of Advising Communities

Assignment of Clusters — Cluster Reps are assigned a specific cluster of communities, and serve in a support role as a point of contact with those groups in carrying out their responsibilities:

Cluster 1 - First-Generation College Students, Assessment of Advising, Education Majors, Appreciative Advising, LGBTQA Advising and Advocacy

Cluster 2 - Advising Graduate & Professional Students, Advising Students With Disabilities, Advising Administration, High School To College Advising

Cluster 3 - Career Advising, Canadian Advising, Advising Adult Learners, Faculty Advising, Undecided & Exploratory Students

Cluster 4 - Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM), Theory, Philosophy, & History, Advising Student Athletes, Social Justice

Cluster 5 - Advising Business Majors, HBCU Advising, Health Professions Advising, Peer Advising & Mentoring

Cluster 6 –Probation/Dismissal/ Reinstatement Issues, Technology in Advising, Transfer Students, Advisor Well-Being & Retention

Cluster 7 - Small Colleges & Universities, Global Engagement, Advisor Training & Development, Students with Experiences in the Foster Care System

Cluster 8 - Liberal Arts, Two-Year Colleges, Advising High Achieving Students, Advising & Academic Coaching

Cluster 9 - Distance Advising for Online Education, Veterans, Military Students, and Family Members, First-Year Students