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Academic Coaching Advising Community Poster at the ACD Fair in Phoenix 2018

The increase in the academic advising and coaching movement for college student populations nationally at two and four-year institutions, requires interactive strategies for effectively addressing the needs of the whole student. The members of the Academic Advising and Coaching Community are from a variety of institutions. Our diverse membership includes advisors, faculty advisors, advising administrators, student affairs professionals and graduate students all working together to develop the resources to help students produce fulfilling results, improve their performance and the quality of their lives.

Spotlight Series Online Discussions

May Spotlight Series

Coaching for your well-being during COVID-19

Has COVID-19 got you overwhelmed? Want to understand how to take advantage of your own strengths and talents? Don't have an acceptable work-life balance? Have a lot of stress? Aren't as healthy as you'd like to be? If these questions have you thinking about a topic of interest, join us for this session that is meant to support YOUR personal wellness using a coaching approach. This is meant to be a participatory session so we will use breakout rooms and coach one another. This will be a switch from our usual presentation, but the ACAC Steering Committee is enthusiastic about your participation!  Advanced registration is not required.

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June Spotlight Series
First-Generation Advising & Academic Coaching Strategies

This session will focus on utilizing coaching and advising strategies in an anti-deficit framework to support first-generation students. Our presenters are Dr. Rose-May Frazier from Florida State University, Dr. David Kenton from Florida International University and Mrs. Sakeena Kenton from Florida Atlantic University. This team will be discussing the framework around the practice of advising and coaching as it relates to the distinctions, strengths and opportunities related to first-generation students. They will provide an overview of ways to implement strategy from conception to completion from the practitioner's role.

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Spotlight Series Recordings

The Academic Coaching Community hosted a Spotlight Series of online discussions in 2018 and 2019.  Link to the recordings here.

Two Things You Need to Know About Effective Coaching with Students

  1. The student is the “expert” in his or her own life. 
  2. The student drives the conversation; the advisor provides the guidance and exemplary listening skills.

Current Chair

Nicole Leonard
Georgia Institute of Technology

Current Term: 2022-2024

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