Academic Coaching Advising Community

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The increase in the academic advising and coaching movement for college student populations nationally at two and four-year institutions, requires interactive strategies for effectively addressing the needs of the whole student. The members of the Academic Advising and Coaching Community are from a variety of institutions. Our diverse membership includes advisors, faculty advisors, advising administrators, student affairs professionals and graduate students all working together to develop the resources to help students produce fulfilling results, improve their performance and the quality of their lives.

  • Nicole Leonard
    Nicole Leonard Chair 2022-2024 Georgia Institute of Technology

Goals & Objectives

The purpose of the Academic Coaching Advising Community will be to address these areas more in-depth in a variety of ways. The focus will be on:

  • Developing a definition for "academic coaching" that combines advising and coaching;
  • Providing resources (workshops, sessions at conferences, on-line materials) for members to enhance coaching abilities;
  • Developing discussions on the LISTSERV for members to discuss issues, current trends, etc. 
  • Creating partnerships with organizations that focus on different aspects of coaching.

This Community will encourage members of different groups to provide information regarding the challenges of coaching students of different groups.