Goals & Objectives


The Academic Advising Administration Community will be recognized as the preeminent NACADA resource for developing new knowledge and solutions for administrators, educating and engaging the constituents of administrators and those aspiring to this role, and nurturing the continuing growth and development of effective higher education leaders. The Community’s work will lead to:

  • Further research and literature concerning effective administrative practices in advising;
  • Recognition among higher education administrators both within and outside the advising area that the Community and NACADA are significant, highly-regarded sources for professional development; and
  • Increased engagement of advising administrators within the Community, as well as nationally and internationally.

Overall Goals:

  • Have at least three individuals on the Steering Committee
  • To have senior level administrators become familiar with the challenges academic advising administrators encounter
  • To make the universe of academic advising administrators smaller
  • Increase the number of conference proposals