Advising Community on Transfer Students

With the increase in the transfer student population nationally, two and four-year institutions must develop strategies for effectively addressing the needs of these students. The members of the Advising Community on Transfer Students are from all types of institutions.  Our diverse membership includes advisors, admissions professionals, faculty advisors, and advising administrators.

Members of ACTS defined six action areas and encourage research, collaboration, sharing of '‘best practices,' presentations and advocacy for each of the action areas:

  • Transfer Credit Issues
  • Transfer Student Orientation/Transition Programs
  • Technological Resources
  • Transfer Student Groups with Special Needs
  • Assessment of Transfer Student Issues
  • Discipline-based Transfer Student Advising

Community members are also encouraged to engage in dialogue at regional meetings to gain awareness and understanding of transfer-related issues specific to their regions.

 July 21, 2020 

Transfer Talk - Making Campus Connections

This session spotlights two sessions that were accepted for regional conference presentations; both of these presentations are focused on helping transfer students establish advising connections as they transition to four-year institutions.  In one, two transfer counselors from the University of Hawai'i will share some insight about advising students on the run (without a permanent office space), and the other will discuss the DirectLink dual advising program at Kansas State University.   

May Transfer Talk on Transfer Shock
Adriana Thomas and Sarah Rolerkite from Washington State University Vancouver will be sharing some overview of the content that they had planned to share at their regional conference session, entitled “Navigating Transfer Culture Shock: Strategies to Support Students through Transition.” 
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April Transfer Talk: Online Orientations
Our Community hosted two online discussions around the topic of online orientations.  These sessions tackled the same larger issue of delivering once in-person orientations in an online format due to COVID-19, but they may differ depending on facilitators, attendees and Q&A. 

Transfer Talk: Takeaways from the 2020 NISTS conference
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Annual Conference 2019

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