Advising Community on Transfer Students Goals & Objectives

  • To increase traffic and interaction on the community’s Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Organize lunch or social event at 2017 NACADA Annual Conference
  • Create a structure for a directory of interested parties looking to do research or engage in new programs on their campus.
2018-2019 Strategic Goals
  • Membership will gain knowledge and share information regarding best practices, programs, and policies that support work with transfer students at a wide range of institution types (e.g. private and public institutions, 2 and 4-year institutions, international transfer, etc.)
  • Steering Committee will become more informed of demographics, needs, strengths, and areas for improvement for our advising community to ensure we serve the diverse range of members we strive to have participating in the Advising Community
  • Advising Community will establish a document that outlines the Steering Committe structure, responsibilities, time commitments, and goals for representation