Advising Community on Transfer Students Resources

The Community shares resources via  Google Drive . Please share your ideas and resources about transfer students! Documents shared on the LISTSERV will also be uploaded to this drive.

Kerr, T. J., King, M. C., & Grites, T. J. (2004). Advising transfer students: Issues and strategies(Vol. 24). Manhattan, KS: National Academic Advising Association.

CAS Standards for Transfer Student Programs and Services
  • Serve as contact through application, acceptance, and transfer processes
  • Connect students to appropriate institutional academic and behavioral policies and procedures
  • Facilitate cooperation between institutions to help students align their programs of study to enable a timely and successful transfer
  • Advocate for improvement of institutional articulation agreements and/or curricular alignment depending on the particular institution's policies
  • Know how to apply applicable laws, regulations, and policies related to the successful transfer of students
  • Inform key partners about policies and practices that maximize transfer student success
  • Provide access to professional advisors, faculty members, counselors, and staff support to help transfer student engage in and develop college and long-term academic, career and life goals
  • Advocate for equitable enrollment and flexible class scheduling and delivery methods
Model Programs:
Transfer Websites: