Advisor Training and Development Community

The Advisor Training & Development Community is one of NACADA's largest... with over 1900 members and still growing!   In addition, more proposals to NACADA conferences are submitted under this Community than any other Community.  This is in large part due to the vast scope of this Community's purpose.  We strive to provide members with a network for discussing advisor training and development issues that are experienced at every level of advising and advising administration. In addition, we strive to provide a network of support and analysis of motivational theories and practices that are so vital to successful training & development programs and initiatives.  The Advisor Training & Development Community also suggests projects, initiatives, and concerns to the NACADA Advising Community Division Representatives, to the NACADA Professional Development Committee, and to the NACADA Board of Directors. 

Lunch and Learn Discussions

May 2021


Return to Campus - Collaborating with Advising Administrator

Join us for a third conversation with advising administrators about their year working through the pandemic. Gain insights from their experiences, learn where they are headed for Fall 2021, and process the future of academic advising practices. 

  • Gavin Farber (Temple University)
  • Teri Farr (Penn State University)
  • Brody Broshears (Uuniversity of Southern Indiana)
  • Jennifer Merner (Vancouver Island University)
  • Mehvash Ali (American University of Sharjah)
  • Quentin Alexander (George Mason University)
  • Colleen Doyle (Maynooth University)
  • Art Esposito (Cape Cod Community College)
  • Kathleen Shea Smith (University of Oklahoma)

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April 2021


Tuesday Tea Talks: No Budget, No Problem!

Grab your beverage of choice and join the Advisor Training and Development Advising Community for the first Tuesday Tea Talk, “No budget, no problem,” to discuss creative ways to engage in professional development despite budgetary constraints. This online discussion will take place on Tuesday, April 20th at 1:00 pm CDT. We will also review a tool to create a personalized professional development plan. Be on the lookout for future sessions of this new series for your chance to participate in discussions covering a myriad of training and professional development topics. 

  • Gavin Farber (Temple University)
  • Dane Zdunowski (Temple University) 
  • Amber Bollinger (College of Charleston)

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December 2020

Returning to Campus: A Conversation with Advising Administration

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August 2020

Discussion with Advising Administrators Regarding Return to Campus in COVID Days

July 2020

Mentoring in the ATD

June 2020

"Welcome to NACADA ... It's Been Waiting For You" 
New to NACADA or just want to get more involved?  This session will discuss pathways to engagement within the Association and will moderated by: 

  • Gavin Farber (Temple University)
  • Karen Lewis (University of Maryland College Park) 
  • Wiona Porath (Johns Hopkins University) 

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Current Chair

Banks Blair
Bowling Green State University

Current Term: 2021-2023