Assessment of Advising Community

This community provides NACADA members resources and expertise to support their efforts in assessment of academic advising. From effectively defining goals and outcomes, selecting appropriate methods, creating and sharing information, engaging stakeholders, and the effective use of technology, we promote the importance of the assessment of advising and support research and scholarship activities.

The Assessment of Advising Interest Group (AAIG) was created in 2001 with the intent to serve all NACADA members who want to discuss, learn about, or share expertise on the assessment of academic advising. The AAIG was granted Commission status in fall 2003. The Assessment of Advising Community (ASAC) provides a forum through which members can share their expertise, strategies and experiences with their colleagues.

Current Hot Topics

How to engage others in assessment and building culture:

Collecting evidence of student learning and development and methods of direct assessment:


3 Things You Need to Know About Assessment

  • Assessment has multiple levels, from looking at specific activities or workshops, to goals for a campus advising office, to institution-wide goals for advising.
  • Assessment starts with defining clear goals. Administrators must be explicit about the overall purpose of a campus advising programs and advisors must do same for activities and workshops.
  • Assessment is about program improvement. It is not about evaluating performance of individual staff or students.

How do I get involved?

Current Chair

Jennifer Hodges
Dona Ana Community College

Current Term: 2022-2024