Canadian Advising Community

This community provides a forum for Canadian professionals who work in an advising capacity, to network with their colleagues across the country and the world.  It was created to ensure that Canadians have a voice within NACADA, and to share interests and ideas that may be uniquely Canadian. One of our goals is to increase communication among Canadian members and to liaise more frequently with each other, in the sharing of best practices and ideas. Despite the fact that post-secondary educational systems vary from province to province, Canadian advising professionals share many common experiences. We welcome input from all Canadian advisors who are working in a variety of contexts and invite you to meet other Canadians and share your advising interests at our annual meeting at the national conference, on our listserv, in presentations, publications and other NACADA venues.

Advising in Canada Blog

A great way for you to promote your own expertise as an advisor, or showcase your advising programming, the Advising in Canada blog is open for submissions. Please contact Allison Scully ( our Social Media expert, guru, and coordinator for more information on submission guidelines and publication schedules. 

Online Events

February 2020 - Digital Solutions

Best of Region 5 in 2019!  Theeben Jegatheesan, Ontario Technical University, facilitated a discussion on how you can use low-cost, no-cost, and readily accessible digital platforms and resources to improve your advising practice and support your students. 

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November 2019 - Working with Students in Distress

Matt MacLean, Mental Health Strategist at University of New Brunswick (Fredericton), will offer a glimpse into the training offered at UNB. Learn how to identify “behaviours of concern”, address concerns with students to mitigate crisis, and how to intervene in an emerging crisis. 

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June 2019 - The Logic of the Curriculum

Our panelists for this event:

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March 2019- Career Chats: A New Group Advising Format 

Speaker: Atifa Kareem, University of Toronto

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December 2018 - Dalhousie University's On Track program

Speaker - Heather Doyle

April 2018 Event - Implementing Competencies and Assessment Rubrics

Panelists: Heather Doyle of Dalhousie University, Neil Cole, University of New Brunswick, Lara Ubaldi of York University, Brigitte Wiebe of University of Manitoba, Paul Sileika of Ryerson University with Moderator: Rhonda Christian of Durham College

December 2017 - Advisor Training at Several Institutions in Canada

Panelists: Heather Doyle of Dalhousie University, Paul Sileika of Ryerson University, Melissa Gallo of Mohawk College and Susan Corner of University of Victoria with Moderator: Rhonda Christian of Durham College

Current Co-Chairs

Shea Ellingham
Mount Royal University

Neil Cole
University of New Brunswick