LGBTQA Advising and Advocacy Community

The LGBTQA Advising and Advocacy Community was established in 1997 as an educational platform for NACADA. We provide opportunities and resources for professional growth to advance and enhance advising practices for the development and success of LGBTQA+ students.

We strive to increase support for all students who identify as LGBTQA+ by creating opportunities for advisors to grow as welcoming, accepting, educated, and supportive educators. 

We strive to provide opportunities for LGBTQA+ advisors to learn to thrive in their career and for other advisors to learn how to be effective and supportive allies. 

We strive to support colleges and universities globally by educating our colleagues on the importance of inclusion and the beauty of diversity.

  • Cody Harrison
    Cody Harrison Chair 2022-2024 Lincoln Memorial University Region 3