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Liberal Arts refers to a broad-based education in a variety of disciplines whose emphasis is on understanding humanity from multiple perspectives (e.g. history, literature, philosophy, psychology) while developing the skills of critical thinking, analytical reasoning, oral and written communication and problem solving with the aim of developing an educated individual who respects diversity and accepts global responsibility. In an ever-changing world, liberal arts majors offer an opportunity for breadth and depth of study while producing flexible, well-rounded individuals with an understanding of life-long learning. It is our mission to develop and provide the necessary resources to advise effectively in this environment.
Liberal Arts Tuesday Talks
December 2021

Supporting Students in Distress: Effective Advising Strategies for Working with College Students

Anthea Yugawa & Anay Martinez | University of California - Berkely

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Past Conversations 
May 2021

Scaffolding Career Conversations with Liberal Arts Students

Parents and students often think that majors in the Liberal Arts are not able to land financially rewarding or reputable jobs or that they are not competitive in the grad school application process. Countering that narrative is what this presentation is all about. Participants will walk away with practical info to share with their Liberal Arts students who ask "What can I do with this major?". We will also share our best practices for getting students ready for the next stage, whether that is the job market or graduate school.

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February 2021

What I Learned as a Student… Applied to Advising

Liberal Arts recognizes and celebrates various ways of learning about the human experience and the world around us. Let’s recognize the different disciplinary backgrounds we each bring to our work! Join us as members of our steering committee share a theory they learned as a student and how this is applied in their advising. Theories from queer studies, black feminism, geography, and history – how might some theoretical giants show up in small advising moments? Come find out and be prepared to share a little about a theory you learned and use on the daily.

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December 2020 Online Discussion

Orientation as a Port for Possibility: Learning from the Liberal Arts

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May 2020 Online Discussion

Liberal Arts & Orientation in a Virtual World

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2019 Online Discussions


June 2019 Online Discussion - View the Recording on Starting Strong: Foundations for a Positive Advising Relationship

March 2019 Online Discussion - View The Recording

February 2019Online DiscussionView The Recording

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