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Liberal Arts refers to a broad-based education in a variety of disciplines whose emphasis is on understanding humanity from multiple perspectives (e.g. history, literature, philosophy, psychology) while developing the skills of critical thinking, analytical reasoning, oral and written communication and problem solving with the aim of developing an educated individual who respects diversity and accepts global responsibility. In an ever-changing world, liberal arts majors offer an opportunity for breadth and depth of study while producing flexible, well-rounded individuals with an understanding of life-long learning. It is our mission to develop and provide the necessary resources to advise effectively in this environment.

2020 Discussions

May 2020
Liberal Arts & Orientation in a Virtual World Online Discussion

During the chat, we mentioned some websites where you can find high quality, free images. See these below:

We also mentioned some national resources that may be helpful as you address myths and stereotypes about the Liberal Arts.


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