Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Advising Community

STEM Advising Community at the ACD Fair in Phoenix, 2018

We welcome the participation of all advisors in the Science, Technology, Engineering and & Math (STEM) fields. The community focuses on improving advising for students by finding answers to these challenges: highly structured curricula, importance of accreditation issues, student attitudes toward college, poorly defined learning objectives, high level of stress among students, critical diversity and equity issues, academic support concerns, competitive nature of admissions, and the high percentage of international and ESL students, as well as other challenges as defined by members of the Community.

The STEM Community values contributions from new and experienced professionals, faculty, and administrators interested in these issues. We are also interested in seeking input from all institutional types. 

Current Chair

Lisa Brancato
SUNY Oswego

Current Term: 2022-2024