Two-Year Colleges Advising Community

This group of professionals, concerned with advising programs at the two-year college level, was established in 1994 with the following objectives.

  • To encourage two-year college community members to actively participate in regional and national conferences
  • To provide continued support to and encourage networking among our members
  • To provide a link to the regions through representatives
  • To report activities to the membership
  • To establish and augment venues for sharing of ideas, data, and support among professional two-year colleagues

The community has an active electronic mail list for the exchange of information and networking. It is a ready source for ideas and models when addressing campus issues including recommendations for changing procedures and methods to enhance the student experience. Some of the challenges addressed are students seeking specialized and associate degrees in unique situations, transfer credit issues, and retention. 

2020-2021 Discussions

April 2021
Embracing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belongingness in Academic Advising

Dr. Locksley Knibbs

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Incorporating Foundation and Frameworks to support Working with First Generation Students through the Safe Campus Advocates Model

Dr. Claudine Richardson and Dr. Katie Clemons

Presentation Materials and Prework:

Incorporating Foundation and Frameworks to Support Working with First Generation Students Through the Safe Campus Advocates (SCAs) Model PPT Presentation 

Cultural Knowledge and Social Inequality by Annette Lareau article referenced in presentation. 


Breakout Session Materials

Cultural Knowledge and Social Inequality (Lareau, 2015)

Identify How We Can Better Serve FGS (First Generation Students) in Advising


November 2020

Returning to Campus: Voices from the Two Year College 

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June 2020
Effective Group and One to One Advising in a Virtual World

Curious about what other institutions are doing to help provide quality group and one to one advising at community colleges across the nation? Panelists included Mysha Clincy from St. Louis Community College, Dr. Chrissy Davis from Spokane Falls Community College and Melissa Decarlo Recknor from Surry Community College discussing onboarding students, technology and various virtual aspects of advising. 

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April 2020

Training the New Virtual Advisor

This discussion was sponsored by the Two Year Colleges, Technology, and Training and Development Advising Community and discussed the following:

  • Demonstration of a Professional Development Advisor Course focused on Guided Pathways
  • Tips and Tricks in creating an online training experience for advisors
  • Opportunity to share different ideas and challenges from campuses across the Globe

The live event had technical difficulties, so Sarah Banner from Mesa Community College and Chair of this community, recorded her presentation and added the related materials:

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Guided Pathways Professional Development Toolbox

Submit questions about the presentation and best practices from your institution 
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Being an Academic Advisor at a Two Year College During COVID-19.

A panel comprised of our Steering Committee members discussed the following topics:

  • Different ways to use technology to provide remote advising
  • How to handle student insecurities (financial, emotional, etc.)
  • What standards and policies are important to keep and where should flexibility come in?
  • Advisor well being
  • Ideas to retain students during this time of uncertainty

Panelists included Sarah Howard, Chair, Donna Malaski - Education Committee Lead, Raquel Michel - Advisor Connection Lead, Julie Massey - Communication Lead, Marlon Anderson and Tasheka Johnson- Awards/Recognition Co-Leads and Tretha Harris and Claudine Richardson - Research Co- Leads

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Current Chair

Donna Malaski
Kellogg Community College

Current Term: 2023-2025