Welcome to the Region 2 Mentoring
and Membership Program

This year, our program’s focus continues to be connection and community. We want all participants
to feel like they are part of the NACADA R2 Mentoring Family!

Since 2007, our Region has had a rich history of both informal and formal mentoring, and we're delighted to continue that legacy. Our 2023-24 cohort includes 27 mentoring pairs (54 participants!) representing a diverse population of advising and student success professionals. 

The program was started by professionals who were passionate about exchanging knowledge, ideas, support, encouragement, and connection to both seasoned and new professionals. Through our program of connection and community, we become confident and strong advocates for our students, ourselves, and the advising and student success professions.

If you have any questions or for more information, please feel free to reach out!

Warm regards, 
Victoria Bowman
2022-2023 Chair

Activities and Get Togethers

March 2022 - March 2023
Each "season," the committee will be offering a get together to learn new techniques, explore what it means to be in a mentoring relationship, and connect as our NACADA r2 Mentoring Family. We hope that you can join us!



While never mandatory, it can be very beneficial to meet at least once a month to get together, check in, and just say, "Hi!" This meeting time can sometimes be a huge stress reliever for both parties.
Region 2 Conference In-Person Mentor Match Event
March 7, 2022
  Virtual Mentor Match Event March 24, 2022
Spring Mentor Roundtable | Mentor to Mentor: Tips from the Field
During this informal roundtable, past r2 mentors will share experiences, offer tips, and answer questions as our latest cohort begins their mentoring journey. Discussion leaders: Rita Berson, Drexel University; Lori Brucker, Rowan University; Gita Maharaja, Duquesne University; and Julia Taxler, Rutgers University. Facilitated by Victoria Bowman, Rowan College at Burlington County.
May 10, 2022
  Mentee Roundtable | Mentee Success: Ways to Make Your Journey Matter
Take a break and join this informal roundtable as seasoned mentees share their experiences, offer advice, and answer any questions to help the latest cohort of mentees gain personal and professional value in their mentoring journey. Discussion leaders: Rita Berson, Drexel University; Amber Hamilton, Slippery Rock University; and Georgina Waller, Penn State Brandywine. Facilitated by Victoria Bowman, Rowan College at Burlington County.
May 11, 2022
Summer Virtual Summer Get Together | Just Breathe: Relax and Reflect
As we prepare for our busy season, take a break and join us to learn a quick technique that will relax your mind and body during stressful moments. We'll break into groups and reflect on ways to create and continue robust mentoring relationships. 
August 10, 2022
Fall  Virtual Fall Gathering | Reflecting and Connecting: How Our Social Identities Shape Relationships
Engage in a rich discussion by sharing our reflections, lived experiences, and the benefits and challenges of examining our social identities and how those identities shape the way we relate to others. A focus specifically on our mentoring relationships. Facilitated by Bri VanArsdale, University of Delaware. 
October 4, 2022
Winter Programming TBD
Watch your email and Region 2 Facebook for information. 
  Applications open for the 2023 cohort. 
Mentor application | Due January 20, 2023
Mentee application | Due January 20, 2023


January Mentor and Mentee Applications due January 20, 2023.  
March Welcome, 2023-2024 Mentoring Cohort!   
  Region 2 Conference
March 15-17, 2023 | Hanover, Maryland
  Region 2 Conference Preconference Session | Meet Your Match: The Region 2 Mentoring Program
Invitation only | 2023-2024 Mentoring Cohort
March 15
Spring Virtual Meet Your Match Event TBD
  2022-2023 Mentoring Cohort: Virtual Closing Event TBD
Current Region 2
Mentoring Chair

Erica Stubblefield
Bon Secour Memorial College of Nursing
Current Term: 2023-2024

Current and Past Leadership 

2023-2024 Mentoring and Membership Committee
Chair: Erica Stubblefield, Bon Secour Memorial College of Nursing
Victoria Bowman, Rowan College of Burlington Conty
Rita Berson, Drexel University
Jaime Ramanauskas, Rowan College of South Jersey
Anthony Weaver, Rowan College at South Jersey

2022-2023 Inaugural Mentoring and Membership Committee
Chair: Victoria Bowman, Rowan College of Burlington County
Rita Berson, Drexel University
Mark Costello, Bucks County Community College
Jaime Ramanauskas, Rowan College of South Jersey
Bri VanArsdale, University of Delaware

Past Region 2 Mentoring Coordinators 
2018-2022 | Gavin Farber, Temple University
2016-2018 | Jon May
2012-2016 | Jenine "Nina" Buchanan

Region 2 Mentoring Program History 



Cohort Grows
40 participants
Formal Mentoring
Program Created

10 participants



Cohort Grows
40 participants
Regions 1 and 2
Dual-Region Mentoring Program




Cohort Grows
58 participants
29 matches
Cohort Continues Strong
54 participants
27 matches