NACADA Annual Conference

2011 Annual Conference Program Topics/Tracks

Advisor Training & Development

Commission Meeting:Advisor Training & Development

Allen Scobie,University of Louisville

Best of Region 1The Advisor/Advising Bucket List

Piskadlo,Jenkins,Charbonneau,Bentley University

Davis,Salem State University

Best of Region 3The Dream Team: Intuitive Advising at Work

Hill,Winston Salem State University

Best of Region 5Advising with Pizzazz! Unique Ways to Connect and Build Student Relationships

Cooper,University of Cincinnati

Best of Region 9Contemporary Student Veterans: How can Advisers Prepare for this New Wave of Students?

Normandin,University of Hawaii at Manoa

Best of Region 10Humor as a Tool for Advising Administrators

Freitag,Bacon,Turner,Bonney,University of Colorado-Boulder

#AcAdv Chat: The Online Advisor Learning Network

Pasquini,University of North Texas

Popiolek,University of Texas-Austin

Cox,University of Iowa

Howard,University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

A Hands On Approach: Manipulatives In Action

Hill,Winston Salem State University

Academic Advising and Consultant Speakers Service Training Workshop

Hones,Washington State University

Advising in the Fast Lane: Working with High-Achieving Students

Allen,Roseman,Neuber,Temple University

Advising Using Outcomes Directed Thinking and Creativity in Student Development: Meeting Students at the Terminal and Preparing Them for Flight

Salinas,Boise State University

Advisor Transitions and Career Success

Elias,Seattle University

Advisors Anonymous: A 12 Step Program to Improve Effectiveness

Hashimoto,DePaul University

Avoid 'High Anxiety' when taking an Incoming-Freshman-Student Reference Manual to a Higher Altitude

Christiansen,Idaho State University

Become a Filmmaker: Creating and Promoting Effective Advising Videos

Hirschler,Monmouth University

Blogs, Screencasts, & Podcasts: Empowering Your Inner 'Techie'

Schulze,McFaddin,University of Oregon

Boost Academic Advising to New Altitudes with Positivity

Hodges,University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Border Patrol: What Are You Protecting?

Sanchez,DePaul University

Breaking the Silence: How to Handle Student Disclosures of Interpersonal Violence and Our Role as Advisors

Moncrieff,Unviersity of Colorado Boulder

Change Happens: Playing the Game without being Played

Hashimoto,Sanchez,Johnston,DePaul University

Check Yo'Self: You Can Foster Inclusion, Equity, and Excellence in Your Advising Unit

Johnson,Stout,University of Louisville

Climbing Together: How Networking Helps Us Reach New Heights in Advising and Student Success

Sallee,Deffendall,Early,Sallee,University of Kentucky

Create an Impactful Academic Advising Practicum for Higher Education Graduate Students

Besoner,Florida International University

Tramble,Georgia State University

Cross Cultural Insight of Transformational Leadership

McGraw,Bowman,North Carolina State University

Developing a Rubric To Assess Learning in Academic Advising

Aiken-Wisniewski,University of Utah

Expanding Professional Development to the Theoretical: Incorporating Theory into Professional Development

Champlin-Scharff,Harvard University

Himes,Pennsylvania State University

*From Theory to Practice: Creating a Meaningful Academic Advising Internship Experience

Peanort,Montgomery College-Rockville

Morin,Chapman University

Getting to the Heart of Advising: 10 Must-Have Tips for the New Academic Advisor

Cofer,Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

Justyna,Texas Tech University

Happy Advising: Applying Choice Theory to Academic Advising

Tod,Rinck,University of South Florida

He Ain´t Heavy, He´s My Brother: Understanding Family and Home Community Influence on Student Major Choice

Traxler,Rutgers University

Helping Female Adult Students Get Their Second Wind: A NACADA Emerging Leaders Program Mentor-Mentee Collaboration

Mason-Browne,University of Iowa

Ortgies-Young,Georgia Perimeter College

HOT TOPIC- Training and Development for Faculty Advisors

Scobie,University of Louisville

Anttonen,Millersville University

White,Millersville University

How to Conduct an Academic Advising Job Search

Manning,Landmark College

Involvement in NACADA:  Raise Your Sights!

Pardee,University of Arizona

Stockwell,Fox Valley Technical College

Regalado,University of Texas-Austin

Archambault,Brookdale Community College

Farlowe,University of South Carolina

Higgins,University of Southern Maine

Waters,Old Dominion University

Keys to Confidently Preparing and Delivering a Powerful Presentation

Barrowclough,University of Colorado-Boulder

Launch the Perfect Retreat and Inspire Your Advising Team to Reach a Higher Elevation!

Saunders,California State University Channel Islands

Cardenas Leal,California State University Monterey Bay

Mad as a Hatter: Mastering the Madness of the Advising Profession

Murdock,Williams,Hapes,Texas A&M University

Making Change Work: Empowering Students in the Major Change Process

Bloom,Mulhern Halasz,Sizemore Traynor,University of South Carolina

Mastering the Many Languages of Advising:  Investigate, Communicate and De-Escalate When Needed!

Chan,Community College of Baltimore County

NACADA Gets Social: How NACADA Members Can Connect with Social Media

Popiolek,University of Texas-Austin

Pasquini,University of North Texas

Holaday,NACADA-Kansas State University

NACADA Resources: Taking Professional Development to New Heights

Miller,Cunningham,NACADA-Kansas State University

Packing Lightly: A Survival Guide to Advising on Limited Resources

Conner,Capehart,University of New Mexico

Pike's Peak or Bust: Finding the Gold in Presenting at NACADA

Kolls,Northeastern University

Downing,Franklin Pierce University

Providing Quality Professional Development During a Challenging Economic Environment

Zarges,Snyder,Zingrone,Kent State University

Raising the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Advisor Training with Few Resources

Chambers,Taylor,Colorado State University-Pueblo

Reach New Heights with High-Impact Advising

Bingham,Ono,University of Hawaii-Manoa

Reach the Professional Development Summit: Developing Your Online Advisor Learning Network

Larsen,Pasquini,University of Texas-Dallas

*Reaching for the Stars and Bars: Helping Student Veterans Achieve New Heights in Higher Education

Shannon,Bucci,East Carolina University

Reaching New Heights with Faculty Advisor Training and Development

Davis,Aufdembrink,Missouri State University

Reaching the Peak: An Innovative Online Advisor Training Course

Roca,Attis,Lewis,Florida International University

Reaching the Summit of Success and Avoiding Pitfalls When Developing Peer Mentoring Interventions for 'At Risk Students'-Lessons Learned and Information Gained

Preece,Wong,Chapman, Fairall,Brigham Young University

Scaling the Summit Together: Getting Faculty Advisors Involved and Invested

Cofer,Urquhart,Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

Shaping Organizational Culture through Advisor Training & Development

Letawsky Shultz,University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Silver Medals: Helping Students Adjust to a Second-Choice Major

Morton,Texas State University-Round Rock

Ransom,Texas State University-San Marcos

Taking Training to the Next Level: Developing an Advisor Certification Program

Oliver,Moser,Harris,Utah Valley University

*The Academic Advisors' Role in Assessing and Referring Emotionally Distressed Students

Griffey,West,University of Texas-San Antonio

The Advisor Matters

Kolls,Northeastern University

Downing,Franklin Pierce University

The Power of the Academic Advisors Words

Carter,Haynes,Texas State University-San Marcos

Training Undergraduate Orientation Staffers to be Student Advisors

Nelson,Klann,University of Florida

Turning Yearly Performance Reviews into Dynamic Development Plans

Kohn,Edgewood College

Where´s Our How-To Guide?: The Millennial Supervisor in a Multigenerational Office

Ford,George Mason University

Women Thriving! Not Just Surviving a Career in Academic Advising/Higher Education

Waters,Old Dominion University

Olivares,Heartland Community College

Bloom,University of South Carolina

Joslin,University of Oregon

Damminger,Salem Community College

YouTube Advising FAQ's: Part II The Saga Continues

White,Anttonen,Millersville University