2018 Poster Presentations

The following posters were presented at the 2018 NACADA Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Poster 501: 50+ Free Tech Tools to Improve Your Advising Practice
Kasandrea Sereno, University of South Florida
Keywords: Professional Development; Technology
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Poster 503: Advising Theory and Undecided Students
Courtney Hall, University of North Georgia
Keywords: Undecided; Training and Development
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Poster 504: Advising Towards Success: Fostering a Holistic Coaching Strategy for Readmitted Students
Christopher Richard, Salem State University
Keywords: Academic Coaching; Probation/Dismissal
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Poster 505: Building Community and Highlighting Possibility Through Student Stories
Rachel Moody, University at Albany
Keywords: Peer Advising/Mentoring; Student Success
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Poster 506: Building Foundations for Successful Advising: A Guide to Developing New Hire Training for Advisors
Angela Cavazos, Northwest Vista College
Keywords: Training and Development; Advising Models
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Poster 507: Collaborative Career Advising: An Innovative Way for Students to EXPLORE Their Future
Crystal Bannon, Youngstown State University
Keywords: Undecided Students; Student Success
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Poster 508: Declaration Celebration: The Time to Declare Your Major is Now
Ashley Shafer, Florida Atlantic University
Keywords: Undecided Students; Dual Enrollment
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Poster 509: Early College Advising: Dual Enrollment and the Secondary to Postsecondary Transition
Melissa Baker, Kristi Lonning, Eastern Washington University
Keywords: Student Success; Dual Enrollment
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Poster 510: Early Warning System:  Engaging the University Community
Susan Fuerbring, Catherine Mathweg, Marian University
Keywords: Retention; Small Colleges
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Poster 511: Effect of Graduate Program Culture on Student Success for Women of Color in S.T.E.M. Doctoral Programs
Dawn Loyola, University of California-Riverside
Keywords: Graduate Student Advising; Social Justice
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Poster 512: Effective Advising for Distance Students
Jennifer Kilduff, Eric Kollar, University of West Florida
Keywords: Distance Learners; Technology
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Poster 513: Fall into Your Future: Priming Seniors for Career Contingency and Graduate School
Rachel Daniel, University of Alabama-Birmingham
Keywords: Career Advising; Graduate School
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Poster 514: Forging Pathways: Reflections on Year One of a Post-Transfer Pathways Program for Computing and Engineering Majors
Catherine Bielawski, Ashley Luster, University of Maryland-Baltimore County
Keywords: Transfer Students; Student Success
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Poster 515: General Education Requirements: Advising Students to (Mine)Craft Their Story
Laura Novotny, University of Arizona
Keywords: Integrative Learning; General Education
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Poster 516: Getting Everyone in the Game: A Proactive Team Approach to Undergraduate Advising
Elizabeth Smith, Auburn University
Keywords: Faculty Advising; Student-Faculty Interaction
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Poster 517: Graduating Seniors Pass on Wisdom Through Digital Storytelling
Evelyn Chicas, Evelyn Espinoza, California State University-Los Angeles
Keywords: Motivational Interviewing; Student Persistence
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Poster 518: Welcome to Mount Royal! A Cross-Campus Approach to Creating Connection for New Students
Shea Ellingham, Sarah Rude, Mount Royal University
Keywords: New Models, Proactive Academic Advising
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Poster 519: Voices From the Field - Researching Student Advising in Canada
Heather Doyle, Dalhousie University
Shea Ellingham, Mount Royal University
Keywords: Canada; Research
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Poster 520: Inequality in Education for African American Males in the United States and What We Can Do
Jeffrey Herron, Campbellsville University
Keywords: Minorities; Retnetion
Poster 521: Influences of Black Fathers on Their Black Sons' Well-Being, College Retention, and Graduation Goals
Shannon Williams, University of Central Arkansas
Keywords: Retention; Student Success
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Poster 522: Interactive Group Advising
Amanda Lozier, Shannon Myers, Western Michigan University
Keywords: Group Advising
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Poster 523: Using Testimonio to Support Latina Students on Their Path Toward Higher Education Leadership
Mia Garcia-Hills, Concordia University Chicago
Keywords: Minority Students, Student Success
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Poster 524: Me Before My Advisee: The Importance of Focusing on the Advisor First to Ultimately Enhance the Student Experience
Kara Thompson, Northern Kentucky University
Keywords: Personal Well-Being
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Poster 525: Mindset Messaging: Advisor Communication About Student Challenges and Opportunities for Growth
Elizabeth Collins, Sarah Kyte, University of Arizona
Keywords: Student Success; Communication
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Poster 526: Multigenerational Competence: How to Successfully Navigate a Multigenerational Environment
Paige Abe, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Jack Vitalsey, Arizona State University
Keywords: Diversity
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Poster 527: Relating to First Generation Students Through First Generation Advisors
Lucy Andolina, Allicia Bolen, Jeff Citty, University of Florida
Keywords: Advisor Experiences; First Generation Students
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Poster 528: Serving Provisionally Admitted Students In and Out of the Classroom
Zachery Thayer, West Virginia University
Keywords: Student Success; Student Persistence
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Poster 529: Sophomore Slump: Creating a Program to Connect with Students in Transition
Melissa Forgione, University of Florida
Keywords: Sophomores
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Poster 531: Supporting Non-Traditional Students within a Traditional College Setting
Cheryl Hines, State University of New York College at Cortland
Keywords: Adult Learners; Commuter Students
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Poster 532: T Is for Trans*: A Lesson in Advising Trans* Students
Alexandra Rouse-Weber, University of North Texas
Keywords: Diversity; LGBTQA
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Poster 533: Tales of a Transfer Student: Advising Lessons Learned from a Transfer Student Outreach Campaign
Jessica Lewis, South Dakota State University
Keywords: Transfer Students; Technology
Poster 534: Telling Your Program's Story as the Students Tell Theirs
Holly Martin, University of Notre Dame
Keywords: Proactive Academic Advising; First-year Students
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Poster 535: The Art of Incorporating Career Advising into Everyday Practice
Jackie Ferry, Wahtcom Comunity College
Keywords: 2-Year Institutions; Career Development
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Poster 536: The Building Blocks to First-Year Student Success
Lisa Bowden, Shari Chambers, Jennifer Fleming, Stephanie Thomsen, Texas A&M University
Keywords: First-Year Students, Student Success
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Poster 537: The Digital Age of Advising
Elizabeth Fever, Temple University
Keywords: Technology
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Poster 538: The Outsiders: Changing the Sophomore Story Through Major Specific Advising
Susan Eisenberg, Kelly Marton, University of North Florida
Keywords: Retention; Sophomores
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Poster 539: Transition Tales: Jump Start Program for Transfer Students
Miranda Cook, Bente Janda, Kansas State University
Keywords: Transfer Students; Student Services
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Poster 540: Using Feedback to Assess the Effectiveness of Student Success Programs
Eunjin Han, Veda Hawkins, Charles Liu, Michigan State University
Keywords: Student Success; Probation/Dismissal
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Poster 541: Using Student Stories in Retention Practices
Michael Davenport, University of Arizona
Keywords: Student Success; Retention
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Poster 542: Using Students' Narratives and the College Student Inventory as Early Alert Tools
Megan Childress, Jessica Harris, Mathys Meyers, University of Pikeville
Keywords: Retention; Student Success
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Poster 543: Is This Just Abbreviated Mental Health Counseling or Sexy Advising?: An In-Depth Examination of Success Coaching at the Community College
Jessica Robinson, Baylor University
Keywords: Academic Coaching; 2-Year Institutions
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Poster 544: How Many Coaching Meetings Does It Take? Striving to Retain Students Who Want to Leave
Christopher Pisarik, University of Georgia
Jessica Robinson, Baylor University
Alicia Sepulveda, University of Northern Colorado
Keywords: Student Success; Intervention
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Poster 545: Why Do Academic Advisors Leave?
Marvin Gabut, Ashford University
Keywords: Assessment; Administration

Although the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition provides no instructions on how to use APA in poster presentations, NACADA follows many of the same conventions that would apply to a manuscript:

  • Citations must be included every time a resource is quoted, summarized, or paraphrased.
  • While the complete citation list is included in the event handout, to save room on the poster/document/slide and avoid distracting from the point being made, enough information should be included on the poster/document/slide to ensure that the source is recognized and could be located if the recording of the event were to be separated from the handout.
  • Figures and tables must also be appropriately cited, and where copyright issues may be involved, appropriate permission must be received from the original source and noted.