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Preconference Workshops

The workshops are intended to be participatory sessions where you will interact with others. Enrollment will be limited so that interaction can be maximized (enroll early). The variety of sessions will provide both new and experienced advisors with an opportunity to continue professional growth.

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If you have already registered for the conference, but wish to sign up for a preconference workshop, you can still edit your registration by clicking on the button below and following the steps provided. No refunds will be given for preconference workshops. 

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Sunday, October 23

P1: Academic Advising Administration and Leadership Seminar
9 am-4 pm | $115 (lunch included)
White, Penn State University

P2: A Different Perspective: New Advisor Recruiting, Onboarding, and Thriving
9 am-12 pm | $60
Lewis, Utah Valley University
Kenny, University of Colorado Boulder

P3: Bridging Gaps: Connecting Strategy, Structure, and Culture to Achieve Advising Success
9 am-12 pm | $60
McClellan, Norris, Kinsinger, Hegeman, Frostburg State University

P4: Bridging Past and Future Career Goals: Adaptability, Parallel Planning, and Alternative Advising
9 am-12 pm | $60
Streufert, Augustana University
Ross, Oregon State University 

P5: Building Your Advising Assessment Plan
9 am-12 pm | $60
Spight, University of California-Irvine

P6: Putting Talk Into Action: Building Inclusive Practice in Recruitment, Hiring, and Onboarding
9 am-12 pm | $60
Elliott, Purdue University
Cooper, University of West Georgia

P7: The Impact of Racial and Ethnic Identity Development on Academic Advising Practice
9 am-12 pm | $60
Alexander, George Mason University
Brown-Meredith, Longwood University
Knibbs, Florida Gulf Coast University

P8: Just My Type: Harnessing the Power of Personality
9 am-12 pm | $60
Young, Garfield, Temple University

P9: Case-Management Advising: Creating an Action Plan for Development and Implementation
10 am-12 pm | $40
Crowe, Maule, Indiana State University

P10: Increase Student Success Using Gamification: Student Journey, Student Types, and Core Motivations - CANCELLED
10 am-12 pm | $40
Nielsen, Florio, Antioch University

P11: Navigating the Social Bases of Power to Influence Change
10 am-12 pm | $40
Brown, Windward Community College
Kraft-Terry, University of Hawaii-Manoa

P12: Holistic Student Success by Design Workshop
11 am-2 pm | $90 (lunch included)
Anderson, NACADA Executive Office
Gottlieb, AACROA
Shea Smith, University of Oklahoma
Brown LeonardKansas State University
Sullivan-Vance, NACADA Executive Office

P13: Bringing an Equity Lens Into Academic Advising: From Theory to Practice
1-4 pm | $60
Knibbs, Florida Gulf Coast University
Nelson, Oklahoma State University
Alexander, George Mason University

P14: Building a Better Mousetrap: Creating an Interview Process That Matters
1-4 pm | $60
Hauschild, College of Charleston

P15: Building a Comprehensive Model for Primary-Role Advisor Onboarding and Professional Development
1-4 pm | $60
Dial, Dean, McKeown, University of South Carolina

P16: Building Bridges to Mid-Level Advisor Success: Transforming Careers to Prepare for Our Futures
1-4 pm | $60
Farber, Temple University
Egnosak, Penn State World Campus
Byington, Central Carolina Community College
Hall, Dalhousie University
Hebreard, Aquinas College
Hollis, University of California-Los Angeles
Macbeth, Virginia Commonwealth University
Shea Smith, University of Oklahoma

P17: Building the Bridge From Indecision to Major Declaration
1-4 pm | $60
Brown, Johansen, Fort Hays State University

P18: Flip Your Advising and Tutoring! Making Your Interactions with Students a Teaching and Learning Activity
1-4 pm | $60
Steele, Ohio State University

P19: Navigating Our Identities in the Advising Relationship: From Barriers to Bridges
1-4 pm | $60
Cox, Lafayette College
Scott, Virginia Commonwealth University

P20: Perennial Campus Powerhouse: Maintaining Excellence Through Transition in Your Peer Mentor Program
1-4 pm | $60
Gilchrest, Sills, Kay, Texas Tech University

P21: Translating Scrum: Agile Advising Program Development
1-4 pm | $60
O'Brien, Texas State University
Haider, University of Texas at Austin

P22: A Primer on the Assessment of Academic Advising
1-5 pm | $60
Zarges, Kent State University
Higgins, University of Southern Maine

P23: Maximize Your NACADA Membership and Your Conference Experience
3:15-4:15 pm | FREE
Membership Committee and Annual Conference Advisory Board