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Preconference Workshops

The workshops are intended to be participatory sessions where you will interact with others. Enrollment will be limited so that interaction can be maximized (enroll early). The variety of sessions will provide both new and experienced advisors with an opportunity to continue professional growth.

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If you have already registered for the conference, but wish to sign up for a preconference workshop, you can still edit your registration by clicking on the button below and following the steps provided. No refunds will be given for preconference workshops. 

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Wednesday, October 6

P1 | Academic Advising Administration and Leadership Seminar
9 am-4 pm | $115
White, Pennsylvania State University
Aiken-Wisniewski, University of Utah
Brown, Truckee Meadows Community College

P2 | Creating and/or Restructuring An Effective Advising Program
9 am-12 pm | $60
Self, Arizona State University
Hands, University of New Mexico

P3 | Flip Your Advising and Tutoring! Making Your Interactions with Students a Teaching and Learning Activity
9 am-12 pm | $60
Steele, Ohio State University

P4 | In This Together - Identifying and Coaching Students Experiencing Imposter Phenomenon
9 am-12 pm | $60
Lewellen, Henninger, Richey, Indiana University School of Medicine

P5 | Intentional Leadership: Using the Cognitive Leadership Process to Strengthen Advising Practice
9 am-12 pm | $60
McClellan, Frostburg State University

P6 | Promoting Underrepresented Minority Student Academic Success Using an Inclusive Professional Framework
9 am-12 pm | $60
Gillian-Daniel, Greenler, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bridgen, NACADA Executive Office
Dukes, University of Pittsburgh

P7 | Tech 2 Connect: A BYODevice Experience - CANCELLED
9 am-12 pm | $60
Trujillo, University of Maryland-College Park
Porath, Johns Hopkins University

P8 | The Impact of Advisor Intersectional Identity Development on Advising Practice - CANCELLED
9 am-12 pm | $60
Knibbs, Florida Gulf Coast University
Alexander, George Mason University
Brown-Meredith, Longwood University
Johns, Wayne State University

P9 | Together, We Can Overcome Our Biases - CANCELLED
9 am-12 pm | $60
Scott, Virigina Commonwealth University
Cox, Lafayette College

P10 | From Design to Implementation: Create Your Own University Transfer Success Seminar - CANCELLED
10 am-12 pm | $40
Ganss, Anderson, Chang, University of Colorado-Boulder

P11 | Navigating Change From the Middle: How to Enact Positive Change When You're Not the Decision Maker
10 am-12 pm | $40
Brown, Kraft-Terry, University of Hawaii-Manoa

P12 | All Things Are Possible With Adaptability: Advising Alternatives and Parallel Planning
1-4 pm | $60 
Streufert, Augustana University
Ross, Oregon State University 

P13 | Build Bridges, Not Walls: Creating Unifying Support Systems for Undocu/DACAmented Students - CANCELLED
1-4 pm | $60
Wangensteen, University of Notre Dame
Howard, University of South Florida
Sotolongo, Texas State University

P14 | Coaching to Complete
1-4 pm | $60
Smith, University of Oklahoma

P15 | Connecting Job Descriptions, Core Values, Performance Evaluation & Promotion for Academic Advisors
1-4 pm | $60
Yarbrough, Spiers, Lackey, Pugh, Auburn University

P16 | Developing Inclusive Excellence In Organizational Leadership
1-4 pm | $60
Lucero, University of Notre Dame
Alexander, George Mason University
Allen, University of Arizona
Sindt, Johns Hopkins University

P17 | Radical Rapport: The Power of Human Connection in Self-Care and Resilience
1-4 pm | $60
Brooks, University of Alaska Fairbanks

P18 | The Five Practices of Exemplary Advising Leadership - CANCELLED
1-4 pm | $60
Young, Enciso, University of Maryland-College Park

P19 | We Are All In This Together: Improving Our Craft Through Online Professional Development - CANCELLED
1-4 pm | $60
Banner, Moreland, Mesa Community College

P20 | A Primer on the Assessment of Academic Advising
1-5 pm | $60
Adams, Spalding University
Zarges, Kent State University

P21 | New Attendee to Conference
3:15-4:15 pm | FREE
Annual Conference Advisory Board Committee

P22 | Maximize Your NACADA Membership
4:15-5:15 pm | FREE
Membership Committee