The designation by the World Health Organization of COVID-19 as a global pandemic and the resulting restrictions on travel and large gatherings resulted in the cancellation of many events worldwide, including NACADA events. NACADA will contact directly those who registered for events that were cancelled for reasons outside of our control. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers:
Event Refunds
Region Conference
International Conference
Summer Institutes
How do I request a refund?

If you registered for a 2020 NACADA event that was subsequently cancelled by the Association, you do not need to request a refund. NACADA is committed to processing refunds as quickly as possible within a 60-day time frame, and will contact you regarding how registration fee refunds will occur. Notices will be sent out as updates become available.

What if I cancelled my registration earlier or have already received a partial refund?

If you have already received a partial refund for a conference registration that was subsequently cancelled, you will be refunded the remainder of your registration fee, including the cancellation fee if one was charged.

What if I registered for a preconference workshop?

NACADA will issue a refund for preconference workshops at conferences that were cancelled.

I purchased a NACADA membership when I registered for the conference. Will it be refunded?

There are no refunds for membership. NACADA works year-round to provide programming, publishing, and professional development for members.

I was not notified that the conference I was to attend had been cancelled; what happened?

To ensure you receive event communications, please have and maintain a current email on your NACADA record.

What should I do if I reserved a hotel room to attend a conference?
  • Please check directly with hotels regarding their cancellation policies. Requests to cancel must be made directly with the hotel. NACADA is not responsible for, nor can we override, any cancellation fees associated with hotel accommodations. Refunds will not be made for hotel expenses related to conferences.
I have already made travel arrangements; what do I do about these?
  • Please refer to the airline carrier and/or land transportation ticket policies regarding any cancellation fees associated with your travel. NACADA is not responsible for, nor can we override, any cancellation fees associated with transportation policies. Refunds will not be made for travel expenses related to conferences. Attendees who purchase non-refundable airline tickets do so at their own risk.
I received a regional award that has a financial component. What do I need to do?
  • Award winners who received a complimentary registration will not receive the registration fee refund directly to them. If you won an award and have travel expenses, you may submit those, with itemized receipts, for up to the remaining amount awarded. Any remaining amount will be applied to the 2021 Region Conference registration. Award plaques and certificates will be sent to recipients at the address indicated on their NACADA member record.
I had a presentation accepted for the 2020 International Conference, can I resubmit?

You will be contacted to see if you want the presentation automatically moved to the 2021 conference schedule. Or, you can choose to resubmit if you like.

Will my registration money be refunded?

Yes, full refunds will be issued. You will be asked if you want a full refund or if you would like the money to be transferred to the 2021 Athens Conference.

Have dates been set for the 2021 Conference?

Tentative dates are set for June 21-24, 2021.

Where will the location of the 2021 conference be held?

The 2020 conference is only postponed. The conference will take place in the same location and hosted by the same institution, the American College of Greece, Athens.

Have dates been set for the 2021 Institutes?

Dates are set for: June 20-25, 2021 and July 25-30, 2021.

Where will the 2021 Institutes be held?

The 2020 Summer Institutes are only postponed. The 2021 Summer Institutes (June and July) will take place in Erie, PA at the Bayfront Convention Center and the hotel blocks will be in the Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel and the Courtyard Erie Bayfront.

When will registration open for the 2021 events?

Registration for the 2021 Summer Institutes will go live in early March 2021.

I had a presentation accepted for my conference but the conference was cancelled. Can I still cite it on my CV or resume?

In academic circles it varies by discipline, but the general rule of thumb is that the conference organizers determine those practices. For NACADA-sponsored events (all Region Conferences, Annual Conferences, and International Conferences) there are two scenarios:

Scenario1: Conference is cancelled by NACADA:

Position: In this case, it is our opinion that you may include your presentation (or poster or preconference workshop) on your CV. A few examples of citations in APA are included at the end of this section.

Rationale: In the case of conferences with a peer-review process, the proposal has been fully vetted through the structure available to everyone. It has been approved and published in the conference programs (available online for verification, if needed), and the presenter(s) would have been present for the session, but for the cancellation.

Scenario 2: Conference is not cancelled, but presenter does not attend: 

Position: If a presenter chooses not to attend an event that runs as scheduled (or is unable to attend due to illness), it is generally not accepted to include the presentation on their CV.

Rationale: In this case, the presenter is expected to attend and has been provided a time and place for the session. If the presenter does not attend (for whatever reason) they have failed to fulfill the explicit agreement (electronically signed upon acceptance) to register for the conference and present the content. They have, in fact, taken a session spot away from another participant who would have been able to attend and present. It is unethical to claim the session on a CV or resume in this case.

Each individual should consider the acceptable practice within their discipline, academic or student affairs department/unit, or institutional policies, however.

What if my session did not go through the conference proposal system (such as tech talks, keynote addresses, and professional development activities)?

The same two scenarios above still apply, but these sessions are generally referred to as “invited” sessions, as opposed to “peer-reviewed” sessions. They should be clearly indicated within the reference citation in the CV or resume.

What if my session was supposed to be given at a conference, but I gave it as a Zoom presentation instead?

It is not acceptable to list a presentation or poster more than once on the CV or Resume if the content is largely identical. The author decides which to cite, according to the accepted practice of the discipline or professional department/unit. (NOTE: If the Zoom session is an “invited” session and the conference presentation would have been a “peer-reviewed” session, most would select the “peer-reviewed” event to include.)

What if I want to wait to submit this same presentation for a future conference?

That’s certainly an option! The recommendation is to cite the accepted paper as indicated in Question #1, but to then replace the citation if the session is presented at a future event.

How should I cite this on my CV or resume?

Here is the APA 7th edition format for conference presentations:

Author, A. A. (Year, Month Day-Day). Title of contribution [Type of contribution]. Conference Name, Location. DOI or URL

Here are a few examples within two sections in a CV or resume for different types of presentations and conferences (in APA 7th ed. format); just replace your relevant information in the appropriate spots in the citation:

Presentations (peer-reviewed)

  • Baxter, A. B. (2020, March 12-14). Academic advising in the Spring of 2020: Establishing an online community of care [Conference session]. NACADA Region 26 Conference, Gotham, NY, United States. Unable to deliver; conference cancelled due to COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Baxter, A. B. (2020, June 22-25). Technology-aided advising: Moving quickly to break the internet [Poster presentation]. NACADA International Conference, Athens, Greece. Unable to deliver; conference postponed due to COVID-19 outbreak.

Presentations (invited)

  • Baxter, A. B. (2020, April 1-3). The unveiling of structural inequities in Higher Education [Keynote address]. NACADA Region 82 Conference, Beautiville, BC, Canada. Unable to deliver; conference cancelled due to COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Baxter, A. B. (2020, June 22-25). The joys and challenges of working from home: How clean is clean? [Hot Topic conversation]. NACADA International Conference, Athens, Greece. Unable to deliver; conference postponed due to COVID-19 outbreak.

Source: American Psychological Association. (2020). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.).