Event Locations

NACADA: The Global Community for Academic Advising is committed to upholding our mission of promoting student success through academic advising.Our Mission revolves around four fundamental principles:

  • We are inclusive, committed to offering all our members equitable opportunities for professional development and to fostering belongingness in the association.
  • We are global, expanding our horizons by bringing together perspectives from around the world and collaborating with other organizations in the field of higher education.
  • We promote a scholarly approach to academic advising, by stimulating research and enabling our members to connect theory to practice.
  • We constitute a veritable community, based on mutual respect, encouragement, and support, thus providing an inviting and stimulating environment for professional development.

A central component of NACADA’s mission is our ability to unite consistently in forums of engagement to share knowledge and exchange ideas among colleagues worldwide. Moreover, our events are welcoming, safe and inclusive environments for all that attend. In order to continue the provision of these high quality professional development opportunities, we must balance the expectations of our global membership with various challenges in both political and social arenas.

We aim to rotate NACADA’s events across geographic regions so that all members have an opportunity to “host” gatherings regardless of where they are located. This may lead to events being held in locations where local or state policies do not align with NACADA’s core mission and values. Rest assured this does not change who we are as an organization. NACADA is fully committed to diversity and inclusion. We welcome and embrace all who bring diverse backgrounds, ideas, identities, and opinions to the Association because that is where our strength lies.We are proud of the continued engagement of our members as we work diligently to provide the most effective professional support possible.

Consistent with these strongly held beliefs, the NACADA Board of Directors, NACADA Leaders, and the NACADA Executive Office will uphold our core values of inclusiveness, diversity, and engagement for all participants from across the globe to ensure that NACADA’s events are welcoming to all.