Presenter Deadlines

Your Presenter Information Page will contain important deadlines, presenter and co-presenter information, session information, abstract, and instructions on how to upload your presentation recording and handouts. 

Summary of Deadlines:

  1. 10 Days From Acceptance Notification: Confirm presentation. 
  2. June 1: Register
  3. June 1: Submit presentation recording and upload handouts.

Conference Session Formats

To ensure a stimulating conference experience, there will be various conference session formats available for registered participants. 

Live: Live presentations will be presented at the scheduled concurrent session times during the live event and will be 45 minutes in length.

Semi-Live: Semi-Live sessions will consist of a pre-recorded video that is played back during the scheduled concurrent session times followed with a live Q&A from the presenters; 45 minutes in length.

On Demand: These pre-recorded sessions should be 25-30 minutes in length and will be available for viewing at any time for all registered participants for 45 days.

Posters: Poster presenters will all be required to upload a pdf of their poster. Presenters will also be given the option to record and upload a five-minute session explaining their poster more in-depth as well as the option to participate in a Live Q&A or chat. 

Preconference Workshops: All preconference workshops will be on Tuesday, June 22. Each workshop will be live and two hours in length.

General Presentation Information
  1. Use the Source Document as an example for organizing citations. 
  2. Use the Universal Design and PowerPoint Recommendation resources to help ensure your presentation is inclusive to all participants.
  3. A guide to citing your presentation will be provided after conference. 

We request that presenters review their presentations for examples of stereotyping, labeling, or generalizing negative comments and delete such references. We also request that during your presentation you assist the participants in your session to avoid using the session as a stage for making negative comments about any group. 

Together we can enhance academic advising delivered by everyone on our campuses; full-time advisors, faculty, and administrators! Remember that our participants all have a commitment to delivering effective advising for students or they would not be attending the conference.

Your material and comments should match the abstract you have provided. It is important that your presentation covers the information and topics you have outlined in your abstract; it can be frustrating when participants have chosen your session based on your abstract and you do not clearly cover the topics they are expecting. This is the number one complaint on evaluation forms.

Do not read your presentation or even portions of it. Word-for-word reading should only be used in rare instances for the purpose of emphasizing a point or fact. Limit your notes for the session to key ideas or phrases that automatically bring to mind your ideas for delivery.

Presenter Contact Information
It may be beneficial to post your contact information at the end of your session PowerPoint or within your handouts. Participants appreciate being able to contact you after the conference for more information concerning your presentation, to ask questions they may think of later, or to ask for your assistance when they return to their campuses. This is not a requirement. 

Evaluations will be available for all sessions; concurrent sessions and preconference workshops. Evaluation links will be posted within each session and daily reminders will be sent through the app as well as email. Please encourage conference participants to complete an evaluation for your session.  

The evaluations are very important for our conference. In addition to providing you valuable feedback on your session, the evaluations are extremely valuable to next year’s conference planning committee. Your evaluations will be emailed to you as soon as possible following conference. 

Uploading Your Presentation Recording and Handouts


Your presentation recording and handouts must be uploaded no later than Tuesday, June 1


Recording Your Presentation
All lecture presentations (Live, Semi-Live, and On Demand) must submit one recording that will be provided to NACADA before the June 1 deadline. If there is more than one presenter, make sure to record your video together at one time or compile all presenter video files into one file before uploading. Recordings are not to exceed 30 minutes in length, no more than 1 GB maximum size, and one video file (.mp4 format) per session.

Many of you provide excellent support material with your presentation. We ask that you upload your materials no later than June 1. This allows registered participants a chance to review your handouts both prior to and after the conference. Note: Preconference Workshop materials do not get posted and therefore will not be available online.

How does the upload process work?
Access your presenter information page. The code number provided to you and presenter’s last name/password are required for login. All presentation recordings and handouts are due June 1. Early submissions are appreciated. If you are the lead presenter for your session, please coordinate the submission of all materials with your co-presenters.

What kind of supplemental material may I upload?
PowerPoint slides, supporting charts, graphs and illustrative material, a detailed outline of the presentation, summary of topics discussed during the presentation, presenter’s biographical data, bibliographic sources for further reading, a list of URL’s relevant to your presentation, and if you are willing to discuss your material further with attendees, include some contact information such as email, phone number, or mailing address. Include one, two or all of the above items. Your choice!

What file formats can I use to submit my presentation recording?
Use (.mp4) file format for your video recording.

What file formats can I use to submit handouts?
Accepted file formats include (.pdf), (.jpeg) or (.tiff).

Presenter’s Consent Agreement
By submitting my materials electronically, I agree to the following:

  • I guarantee that my work is original and does not infringe on any copyright or intellectual property rights of others, contains no libelous or other unlawful matter, and makes no improper invasion of the privacy of any other person. I understand that I will retain intellectual property rights to this work and will include a statement to that effect (sample language: copy; year by author at the bottom of the first page of any copyrighted materials submitted).
  • NACADA's Speaker Release Form

Preconference Workshop Information

Preconference workshops must be highly participatory sessions. Since these workshops are two hours, presenters must plan for participants to be involved and participate in the session not simply sit and be lectured to on a topic.

Participants expect to leave preconference workshops with information, material, strategies, and ideas they can take back to their campuses and use effectively. Preconference workshops should be very hands-on and issue-specific with material, activities, strategies and techniques that the participants can effectively use in their individual situations. Presenters should come prepared to answer questions concerning implementation and other issue-specific questions.

Presenters should plan varying presentation formats for preconference workshops. Due to the length of preconference workshops, presenters should plan to include some lecture as well as possible small and large group activities and a question and answer period.

Workshops should last the entire time indicated on conference materials. Please remember that participants have paid an additional fee to attend your workshop; it is important that you come prepared with material and information for the entire time period you have been allotted.

Enrollment is initially limited. If your workshop reaches the limit, the NACADA Executive Office will contact you to see if you are willing to accept more participants. Do not ask for the enrollment number to be limited to a lesser number; we are trying to accommodate as many of our attendees as possible.

You may contact the Executive Office one to two weeks prior to the conference to request a list of attendees who have signed up for your workshop to help you determine how many handouts you will need.

Preconference workshops DO NOT upload their presentation or handouts to NACADA's web page

Poster Session Recommendations

Poster presentations provide conference participants an opportunity to quickly and easily become acquainted with your topic. An effective poster presentation highlights, with a visual display, the main points or components of your topic.

To be included in the poster session, poster presenters are required to complete and upload their poster to their presenter's page no later than Tuesday, June 1.

Developing and Designing Your Poster Presentation 

When developing your poster, ask yourself what information would be beneficial to those viewing the poster for the first time? It is best to keep your poster simple. Include major points on the poster and keep all non-essential information for the follow-up discussion with registered attendees. 

  • All posters must be uploaded as a PDF to your presenter's page by Tuesday, June 1
  • Be certain that any graphics and/or photographs contain the necessary copyright permission(s) as some images may require you to obtain permission for use.
  • Please adhere to the NACADA commerical policy as is required for all annual conference presenters.
Cancellation Policy

If it is not possible for a lead presenter or co-presenter to participate in this session, he/she must notify the Executive Office immediately. If such notification results in the session being canceled after the final cancellation deadline of May 14th, it will be viewed as failing to honor your commitment to the International Conference, and future proposals will not be considered for three subsequent International Conferences.