International Conference  |  Dublin, Ireland

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Academic Success: 

Enhance, Encourage, and Empower! 

July 16-19, 2018

University College Dublin

Thanks to everyone who joined us in Dublin. You can find the presentation handouts here.

Keynote Presentations

Thanks to Oscar van den Wijngaard and Sam Grogan for thier keynote presentations. Click on thier names to look at the slides. Please remember to reference/cite any information you may use onward.

The NACADA International Conference provides an opportunity to share scholarly research, whether presenting or networking,  that clarifies best practices as well as strategies and programs that engage students in advising. Connect with practitioners in the field of academic advising, tutoring, or mentoring as we search for ways to empower our students. 

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All conference sessions will be held:

O'Brien Science Centre
University College Dublin,
Dublin 4
Dublin, Ireland