Interested in Being an Emerging Leader?

For members who are ready to engage more deeply in NACADA leadership, the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is one structured way to explore a personalized pathway to leadership. Applicants should prepare to clearly articulate how they would reflect diversity in NACADA leadership in their application materials. Requirements are listed below.

The application asks candidates to address:

  1. Your goals for increasing your involvement in NACADA. 
  2. What components of the ELP program will contribute to your goals for increased involvement?
  3. How your participation supports the goal of providing intentional leadership development to members of underrepresented populations within the NACADA membership.
  4. Your active involvement, or demonstrated participation, in NACADA.

The Emerging Leader Application contains 3 components:

  • The application
  • Letter of Support
  • Completed Supervisor Acknowledgement Letter

Supervisor Letter

A signed copy of supervisor acknowledgement letter will be uploaded while completing your application.


  • Connecting with a community of mentors and leaders
  • Monthly group meetings that promote leadership development and showcase leadership pathways
  • Guidance from a cohort of leaders to learn about and engage with NACADA opportunities and resources
  • Creation of flexible and collaborative goal development
  • Access to need-based financial assistance
  • Recognition of program completion

Requirements for Emerging Leaders

  • Be a NACADA member at the time of application
  • 2 year mentorship period
  • Monthly online meetings
  • Orientation attendance
  • Letter of support on leadership potential
  • Supervisor acknowledgment of program requirements
  • Agree to participate in personal and program evaluation and assessment