Interested in Being a Mentor?

Mentoring is foundational to the NACADA Emerging Leaders Program. We seek mentors who have held leadership positions within the association and their institution. Mentor candidates foster leadership and connections to enable emerging leaders to establish and work toward professional leadership goals within NACADA. Requirements are listed below.

The mentor application asks candidates to address these questions:

  • Please tell us about any mentoring experience you may have (organized or informal) and what was the most rewarding part of that experience?
  • Based on your experience, what areas of NACADA leadership would you be most interested in providing mentorship for?
  • Why do you want to serve as a mentor in the Emerging Leaders Program?

In addition to the application, mentor candidates will also be asked to upload a NACADA Resume/Resume of Leadership.

Mentor NACADA Resume

Mentor candidates may utilize this NACADA Resume if they do not already have one which identifies leadership experience.


    • Expand your comfort zone: collaborate with NACADA members from a wide range of institutions
    • Meet inspirational members interested in contributing to the future of NACADA
    • Give back to NACADA
    • Help colleagues understand how NACADA works
    • Enrich your mentoring skills through participation in a structured program
    • Assist colleagues as they work to meet their professional goals
    • Increase your connection to NACADA
    • Waiver of Annual Conference registration fee to attend ELP Orientation is available
    • Recognition of program completion 


    The requirements for Mentors are: 

    • Be a NACADA member at the time of application
    • 2 year ELP mentorship period
    • Monthly online meetings
    • Orientation attendance
    • Agree to participate in personal and program evaluation and assessment
    • Must secure institutional support to be a part of the program. 
    • Must be either a current or past NACADA Leader. This can be at the regional, national, and/or global level; in an elected or appointed position (chair of a committee, advisory board, task force, Region, Advising Community); and/or a leader in the research and/or publications arenas. 
    • Must be willing to provide guidance and support for a cohort of Emerging Leaders.