Global Awards Program

Our awards are designed to honor individuals and institutions making significant contributions to the improvement of academic advising within higher education around the world. This differs from our Regional Awards Program in scope. The Global Awards Program goals are to:

  • Recognize outstanding advising throughout higher education
  • Offer a global advising rewards system 
  • Encourage wider support of advising personnel and programs
  • Ultimately improve advising services for students

Submit a Nomination

How to submit an application/nomination

Please visit Submission Instructions to begin your application.

*Reminder - institutions are only allowed one nominee in each of the major award categories. This does not apply to most scholarships unless specified in the criteria. 

Awards Presentations
  • The Global Awards are presented at an invitation-only ceremony at the NACADA Annual Conference held each fall in varying locations. 
  • The selection committee reserves the right to make no awards in a certain category.
Award Press Release Information & Ceremony Details
  • The following webpage is for award winners. Please find details and additional information pertaining to the award ceremony at the annual conference and press releases available for institutional use on this webpage.
Preparing a Quality Application/Nomination
Get Involved

We welcome involvement in the awards process and there are multiple ways to volunteer.  Visit the Awards Committee for more information on how Global Awards are administered.


Please email Lizbeth Alcantara at for assistance.

Awards Selection Process

The award and scholarship recipients are selected as follows:

  1. Bobbie Flaherty Service to NACADA, Leading Light, Virginia N. Gordon Award for Excellence in Advising, and Michael C. Holen Pacesetter Awards: reviewed and selected by the NACADA Council with final selections by the Vice President.
  2. Outstanding Advisor Awards in the Primary Role, Faculty Role, Administrator, New Advisor, and Program Awards: reviewed by NACADA members, Global Awards Committee members chosen to represent all NACADA regions and appointed for 2 years terms with final selections by the Awards Committee Chair.
  3. Excellence in Scholarly Inquiry Award, Student Research Awards, and Research Institute Scholarships: reviewed by Research Committee members (sub-committee assignments) with final selections by the Research Committee Chair.
  4. ACD Service Awards: reviewed by the Advising Community Division Cluster Reps and Chairs from the Advising Communities with final selections by an Advising Communities Division Leader or Division Rep. 
  5. Leigh Shaffer Award: reviewed by members of the editorial boards for the NACADA Journal and the NACADA Review. Final selection is made by the coeditors of these publications.
  6. Innovation Awards: reviewed by member readers selected by the Advising Innovation Awards sub-committee Chair with final selection by Innovation Awards Subcommittee Chair. 
  7. International Conference Scholarships: reviewed by members of the International Conference Advisory Board with final selections by the Committee Chair. 
  8. NACADA Scholarships, Annual Conference Scholarships, and Winter/Summer Institute Scholarships: reviewed by member readers and selected by the Global Awards Scholarship Subcommittee Chair.

Get Involved

Be a Reader!

At key times of the year, ~300 members are needed to provide peer reviews of nominations and applications for all of our Global Awards and Scholarships. 

The most readers are needed in March/April and May of each year, but we welcome volunteers any time of the year.  If you are interested in helping review the work of your peers, please complete this form

Time Commitment 
Reviewing is done online at your convenience. The time to read and score nominations varies based on the volunteer's level of expertise and past experience with our process. If you reviewed for any conference programs or regional awards, then you will be quicker. 

For new volunteers, dedicating 20-30 minutes to each application/ nomination package is adequate. Previous volunteers avg about 15 min/application. We assign no more than 8 nominations to a reviewer. Instructions are provided, as well as scoring rubrics and criteria.  

Questions? Email

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