Leadership Directory

The Region has many opportunities for membership involvement, including area representation and volunteer positions. Please contact any member of the Steering Committee for information regarding NACADA.

Region Chair & Steering Committee

  • Kacey Gregerson
    Kacey Gregerson Region Chair 2022-2024 University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Region 6
  • Jill Caya
    Jill Caya Awards Chair 2024-2025 University of North Dakota
  • Veronica Schaefbauer
    Veronica Schaefbauer Communications Coordinator 2024-2026 University of Mary
  • Jake Vivier
    Jake Vivier Inclusion and Engagement Coordinator 2023-2025 University of North Dakota
  • Leslie Gallagher
    Leslie Gallagher RAMP Coordinator 2023-2025 University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Adam Schuck
    Adam Schuck RAMP Coordinator 2024-2026 University of Iowa


  • Kristin Stradt-Johnson
    Kristin Stradt-Johnson Iowa Liaison 2023-2025 University of Iowa
  • Crystal Byer
    Crystal Byer Manitoba Liaison 2024-2026 University of Manitoba
  • Kaitlyn Giles
    Kaitlyn Giles Minnesota Liaison 2024-2026 Southwest Minnesota State University
  • Kate Earnhardt
    Kate Earnhardt Nebraska Liaison 2024-2026 University of Nebraska-Omaha
  • Tammy Mulske
    Tammy Mulske North Dakota Liaison 2024-2025 University of North Dakota
  • Sarah Bector
    Sarah Bector Saskatchewan Liaison 2023-2025 University of Saskatchewan
  • Jill Marie Paulson
    Jill Marie Paulson South Dakota Liaison 2024-2026 University of South Dakota

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