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ELP logo.jpgPssst…over here. We’ve been looking for you. Yes you, Commission Chair. And you, Board Member. Yes, you too Regional Conference Chair. We don’t want to alarm you, but we’ve been searching high and low for you, and we believe we have finally located a perfect fit. We need you. For what, you ask? For the NACADA Emerging Leaders Program. What is it? Well, let us tell you…

Developed by the NACADA Diversity Committee, the Emerging Leaders Program was designed to encourage members from diverse groups, as defined by the Board of Directors (including ethnicity, gender, gender identity, disabilities, sexual orientation, institutional type, size, and employment position), to get involved in leadership opportunities within NACADA. Ten Emerging Leaders and Ten Mentors are selected each year for this two year program. Mentors work closely with the Leaders, connecting them to areas within the association they are interested in and helping them develop a plan for continued involvement and growth in the association.

Sounds important? You bet. With the entry of the fourth class of Emerging Leaders, NACADA has already seen Leaders from the first three classes serve on Committees and Advisory Boards, act as Region and Commission Chairs, and Chair the Annual Conference, just to name a few successes. What do we need from you?  Ah yes, what we need from you…come closer. This is very, very important. We need you and your talents to act as a Mentor to one of our 2011-2013 Emerging Leaders.  Don’t feel qualified? You might be surprised. Mentors from the Emerging Leaders Program come from all walks of NACADA life and all levels of leadership and involvement. To qualify as a Mentor, you must be either a current or past NACADA Leader. This can be at the state, regional, or national level; in an elected or appointed position; as chair or member of a committee, advisory board, or task force; chair or member of a regional or commission/interest group steering committee. Whew! After all that info, we are certain you can find yourself somewhere in that list.

So is that it? Well no, that is not all. We refer you to the Emerging Leader Program Web site for Mentor requirements, but we are certain that once you read through the information, you will find that you are qualified and should consider applying for this exciting opportunity. The best piece of news is that we changed the application process for Mentors. We no longer need a statement of support from your immediate supervisor. Simply answer the question prompts with thorough and thoughtful responses, and you are well on your way to a life-changing experience. 

You know the Emerging Leaders will get something out of this program, but what about yourself?  We are glad you asked.  Perhaps, some words of wisdom from past Mentors in the program will help you see the benefits of becoming a Mentor:

'Although this might sound like hyperbole, put simply, this is the most innovative and rewarding program we have put together.  You can really make a difference in the lives of new leaders and familiarize them with the guiding principles of NACADA while simultaneously learning from the Emerging Leaders new trends in advising.”

'My experience as an Emerging Leader Mentor has been one of the highlights of my career.  I have learned as much from my mentee as I hope he has learned from me.”

“This experience has been life altering for me in the sense that I have had the opportunity to meet a number of truly wise and talented people whose commitment to the profession, to their own professional development, and to each other is a lesson in humility and dedication.”

"Set the stage for the next generation of advisors and leaders in our association."

“The act of mentoring causes us to stop and take stock of our own values, the paths we choose, and what we still have to learn.'

So, it sounds like something you would like to do? Fantastic, we knew we found the right person for this very important responsibility. Remember, being a Mentor is about so much more than what you can give of yourself. That is an important part, but it could really be an important opportunity to get much more in return. Sandy Waters.jpgTodd Taylor.jpgWe need Mentors like you, leaders who have moved the Association forward on its path, to help us develop our leaders of the future. For only a two year commitment of your time, you could receive a lifetime of rewards.

Sandy Waters, ELP Advisory Board Chair
Todd Taylor, Emerging Leader, 2008-2010 Class

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