Featured Review

Curriculum Development in Higher Education: Faculty-driven processes and practices

Access to Higher Through Consortia

Assisting Bereaved College Students

The Blackwell Handbook of Mentoring: A multiple perspectives approach

Blended Learning in Higher Education: Framework, principles, and guidelines

Beyond Test and Quizzes: Creative assessments in the college classroom

Building Cultural Intelligence (CQ): Nine megaskills

Building a Winning Career in Engineering: 20 Strategies for success after college

Career Trek

Challenges of the Faculty Career for Women: Success & sacrifice

Closing the Leadership Gap: How districts and university partnerships shape effective school leaders

College Student Death: Guidance for a caring campus

Core Indicators of Effectiveness for Community Colleges

Creating and Maintaining Safe College Campuses: A sourcebook for evaluating safety programs

E-Portfolios: Emerging opportunities for student affairs

Educating for Democracy: Preparing undergraduates for responsible political engagement

Educational Research: Quantitative, qualitative, and mixed approaches

The Emergency Teacher: The inspirational story of a new teacher in an inner-city school

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: A guide for college students

Enhancing Adult Motivation to Learn: A comprehensive guide for teaching all adults

The Essential Academic Dean: A practical guide to college leadership

Generational Learning Styles

The Graphic Syllabus and the Outcomes Map: Communicating your course

The First Year Out: Understanding american teens after high school

The Formation of Scholars: Rethinking doctoral education for the twenty-first century

Fostering Civility on Campus

Fostering Student Success in the Campus Community

Hiring Right: Conducting successful searches in higher education

How to Talk About Hot Topics on Campus: From polarization to moral conversation

The Jossey-Bass Reader on the Brain and Learning

Key Issues in New Student Enrollment

The Law of Higher Education

Leadership and Futuring: Making visions happen

Learning to Learn: The Skill and will of college success

Motivating Your Team: Coaching for performance in schools

Neither White Nor Male: Female faculty of color

On Becoming a Woman Leader: Learning from the experiences of university presidents

On Teaching and Learning: Putting the principles and practices into action

Preparing Teachers for a Changing World

Responding to the Realities of Race on Campus: New directions for student services # 120

Scholarship of Multicultural Teaching and Learning

The School as a Home for the Mind: Creating mindful curriculum, instruction, and dialogue

The Small College Dean: New directions for student services, No. 116

Transfer Student Companion

Student and Academic Affairs Collaboration: The divine comity

Supervision: A guide to instructional leadership

Teaching at The University Level: Cross-cultural perspectives from the United States and Russia

Trainer's Warehouse Book of Games

Visually Speaking: Art therapy and the deaf

Your Financial Future: A guide to life after graduation

Writing a Successful Thesis or Dissertation: Tips and strategies for students in the social and behavioral sciences

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