Book by Carol A. Edds
Review by: Elizabeth Price
Student Success Planning Services
Sinclair Community College

“If you build it, he will come,” does not always apply when programming on college campuses (Field of Dreams, 1989).  Finding new and targeted ways to attract and inform students can become a daunting task.  Through her monograph, Carol Edds describes basic marketing principles applied to student populations while providing examples of ways to reach this diverse and complex audience.  

The beginning chapters offer a crash-course in marketing and promotions.  Edds thoroughly describes basic concepts, however,  adds “there is no secret to creating effective promotional materials, but there are ideas, tips and principles that will lead to stronger, more effective campaign and activities” (p.17).  The author features five elements of a comprehensive marketing plan and provides examples relating to campus promotions in an easy-to-apply format.  Discussions on the identification of a target audience and molding a marketing plan to that group are particularly insightful.  

Implementing a marketing plan within a set budget is important on most campuses.  The author offers several fundamental suggestions on cutting costs with the different promotional material mentioned earlier in the monograph.  However, a more creative approach towards marketing on a budget would have been welcomed.  Budget-friendly ideas that do not include printed or electronic promotions are not listed.  Examples of schools thinking outside-the-box may provide inspiration to readers and add depth to the author’s cost-cutting ideas. 

Another budget-conscious promotions method is electronic marketing.  The different technology available is described along with information on who to contact and how to launch a successful e-marketing campaign.  Beginners and advanced techies will appreciate the questions posed by Edds addressing feasibility and purpose that should be determined before implementation.  

Edds presents a monograph that applies not only to marketing career services, but to any campus services including advising.  From a big-picture view of the campaign down to the tiniest details of text and appearance, the author presents a comprehensive look at campus promotions. Readers at all levels of marketing knowledge will find this a useful and easy-to-read resource.  Complete with an appendix containing examples and worksheets, Edds provides readers with a practical guide that takes them step-by-step through the marketing and promotions process.  

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How to market career development programs and services. (2008) Book by Carol A. Edds. Review by: Elizabeth Price. Broken Arrow, OK: National Career Development Association. 45pp. Price $25.00. ISBN 978-1-885333-23-0
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