Book by J. Michael Farr
Review By Ellyn Aidman
Academic Advisor, Advising First
Florida State University

While many documents have been published in regards to career search strategies, J. Michael Farr’s book provides simple strategies for job seekers without overwhelming them. Farr argues that an effective job search consists of high quantity and quality job interviews, a large referral network, and a strong sense of motivation and self.  

Farr proposes seven steps to enhance a job search. He provides tips for strong resumes, interviews and job search methods.  One of the most useful components of the book is a section devoted to self reflection. A set of worksheets is included that challenge readers to list their goals, skills and ideal jobs. This technique can also be utilized to organize thoughts during a job interview.  Additionally, an innovative method of job networking is introduced through patented JIST cards.  The author suggests that creating personalized index cards that include employment objectives and skills will make an impression on potential employers.  

Although Farr proposes useful methods to conduct a job search, readers may find that his suggestions lack depth. Strong interviews are listed as one of the most fundamental ways to get a better job; however, the chapter on this vital skill leaves much to the imagination. Perhaps this corresponds with the theme of a fast and easy job search as the title suggests; while reading the book is fast and easy the job search experience itself may not prove so. Thus this book might be more useful as supplementary material rather than as a sole resource for job searchers.

The author does not directly relate the topic to academic advising. However, the topics of goal setting and self reflection, both included in this text, should be regularly a part of the advising session.  In fact, the academic advising Website for the University of Central Missouri lists goal setting has one of the main objectives of advising.  

This reference book is appropriate for those new to the job market or for job seekers who are looking for quick advice to improve their job acquisition skills. Academic advisors will find that this text provides appropriate questions to ask students seeking to define their academic or career goals.


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Job Searching Fast and Easy. (2006). Book by J. Michael Farr. Review By Ellyn Aidman. Clifton, NY: Thomson Delmar Learning, 154 pp. Price $15.95. ISBN # 1418042722
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