Review By: David Stout
Graduate Assistant
Ohio University         

Academic advisors frequently meet with students who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT), or have strong convictions about the roles LGBT individuals play in American culture. How can advisors understand and navigate issues of great import and emotion to their students? What are the trends in K-12 education, American higher education, and international education? What are effective programs and policies when working with LGBT students?

This journal ambitiously covers these disparate spheres, crossing age and nationality.  This is both the strength and weakness of the journal. One article in the K-12 portion explores the attraction felt between students and physical education teachers while the other encourages Appalachian student and teachers to explore their homophobia. Higher education merits one chapter, with a thorough introduction and survey of transgender students and their needs. One-third of the journal is dedicated to primary and secondary education in other countries, including Japan and New Zealand.

While a typical advisor may find the journal interesting, there is little to inform practice on a day-to-day basis, particularly considering that 80% of the issue pertained to K-12 education. The broad scope of the journal would fit well for directors of LGBT offices, international student services, or admissions (owing to the overwhelming focus on K-12 education). Advisors might be better served by the NASPA Journal, Journal of College Student Development, or NACADA Journal for the latest trends in advising LGBT students.

Journal of Gay & Lesbian Issues in Education: An international quarterly devoted to research, policy & practice. (2003) Review by David Stout. Harrington Park, Vol. 1, No. 1,109 pp. $108/annually, ISSN: 1541-0889. 

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