Book by Scott W. VanderStoep & Paul R. Pintrich
Review by Vanessa Bouey
Transfer Counselor
Daytona Beach College
Daytona Beach, FL

Learning to Learn…sounds like an oxymoron or a clever play on words. However, this text written by VanderStoep & Pintrich presents an academic road map for college success that utilizes the combined concepts of individual skill and will. Comprised of applicable strategies presented in a straightforward approach, each chapter suggests completion of specific tasks and review summaries to enhance the college student’s learning experience.

A significant section covered in the text is resource management of external and internal factors (pp.57-92) as it relates to physical and emotional aspects of the learning process. Time management, interpersonal relationships (instructors and/or peers), actual study environment, a balanced lifestyle, and positive psychological insights are but a few of the critical resources, which, when properly managed, can lead to positive learning experiences. The overall theme of individual skill and will is especially stressed here. Initiation of a personal development plan is stressed if students are to develop a cache of skills to effectively identify and overcome external and internal academic interferences. To accomplish this disciplined task, a student must be capable (skill) and motivated (will). Again, target tasks and assessments are used to provide suggestions and guidance to further ensure implementation.

Learning to Learn, though geared primarily toward the college student, can also be used by academic advisors (college and high-school), as well as instructors of College Success and First-Year courses. In general, this text is informative, interactive, and can be easily implemented for individual or group use. The text is presented in an organized manner; it provides exercises and self-evaluations to determine unique student needs and as tools to measure progress.

Learning to learn: the Skill and will of college success. (2008). Book by Scott W. VanderStoep & Paul R. Pintrich. Review by Vanessa Bouey. Upper Saddle River NJ: Pearson Education, Inc. 286pp., $26.99. ISBN 9780024225511

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